2024 hair color trends: join the golden age of hair color with DUO COLOR, the vegan hair color brand

Approaching 2024, it is the ideal time for you, as a Hair Care retailer or distributor, to learn about the hair color trends that can take you to a top position in the sector. No doubt that one of the top trends is the use of natural ingredients as a way of self-expression. Read now.

2024 is a promosing year for the hair color market. This is due to the fact that the size of the global dyes market will keep growing in the next years.

This was valued at $23.15 billion in 2021 and is expected to register a CAGR of 5.7% between 2022 and 2028.

Besides, Organic hair dye market share expected to register a CAGR of 12.51% from 2020 a 2027 (Market Research Future)). This will bring its market size to approximately $1,943.8 million by the date indicated.


Within the dye market for 2024, there is a top trend called Color Liberation


In fact, one of the main reasons for the growing of the dye market is this trend known as Color Liberation, that will be shape the hair care sector in 2024.

This trend refers to the creativity and self-expression through hair color. It’s about experimenting with new, vibrant, and fun tones, without fearing the rules or conventions.

Some examples of these colors are pastel pink, electric blue, neon green, metallic purple or multicolored rainbow.

This trend also means taking care of hair to keep it healthy and shiny by using specific products for dyed hair, such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks.


Its main driver is the so-called “I am bored” behavior

Hair color is a way of expressing people’s identity. But many feel bored with their natural color or the conventional colors offered by many commercial dyes.

The “I am bored” behaviour, is bringing new experiences in terms of color hair, looking for more striking, frequent and personalised changes.

The color liberation trend arises in response to the need of experimenting with hair color, offering more varied, versatile options adapted to each person.


Key points of the Color Liberation trend

Color Liberation as two main principles that define it:

  • The use of fantasy colors, such as pink, blue, green or purple, that break stereotypes and social norms about hair color. These colors allow people to express personality, mood or style, as well as to play with contrast, new hair effects and color combinations.
  • The use of temporary products, such as sprays, creams, masks or shampoos, which allow people to change hair color quickly, easily and without damaging it. These products offer the posibility to test different colors in short period of times and try a different hair color, for each season or event.
  • The use oftechnologies that allow to personalise hair color. following preferences, personality, and customer’s needs. These allow to analyze each person’s skin tone, eye color, hair type and style, and offer suggestions, simulations or tailored color formulas.


Innovation, a key point for brands that want to make the most of this trend

The advances in technology applied to hair coloring make possible, for the most part, the growth of the sector and the blossom of the Color Liberation trend. Through them, it’s been possible to know better hair structure and develop new ingredientes.

Techniques such as nanotechnology or biotechnology focus on searching natural ingredients. For example, through reducing ingredients, simplifying formulas and eliminating harsh chemicals; or by improving the ability to penetrate the hair and scalp, which maximizes its benefits.


DUO Color, your best ally to join this trend

DUO Color is the brand, within the Starbrands group, specialised in hair coloring under the do-it-yourself principle. This brand offers wide range of shades, with 100% vegan formulas that have five organic oils, COLOR HOLD technology and cruelty free and vegan friendly certifications.

A true hair colour experience that offers 100% coverage, total care and vibrant colour.

A great combo aligned with the principles of color liberation and the main needs of the target audience of Hair Care retailers.

If you think you are ready for DUO Color, get the most out of this trendand enjoy the benefits that we provide you with our partner programme.

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