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5 effective promotional strategies for Hair Care products

A well-planned retail promotion strategy can increase sales revenue by 8-10% (EY figures). Therefore, they should be part of the whole marketing plan for Hair Care products. Here we tell you 5 effective ways to approach them, as well as the steps that you must follow to succeed.

Personalisation is the key to all promotional strategies

According to a CX trends study, 62% of consumers believe that personalised recommendations are better than generic ones. In addition, 70% spend more with companies that offer bespoke and holistic customer experiences.

Even 59% of the public would agree to have their data collected in order to be offered customised experiences.

Therefore, in order to effectively promote Hair Care products, generic campaigns, and promotional tactics aren’t suitable. We must personalise and go big.

How? Using the consumer data available to us. For instance, there is data pulled from internal CRMs or also taken from various market studies and market research.

Based on this premise, we will now detail five effective strategies to promote hair care products that can be easily adjusted to the specifics of each consumer profile.


5 Hair Care product promotion strategies that will increase your sales


5 effective promotional strategies - CTA

1.- Loyalty programmes

Loyalty is one of the most effective promotional strategies. In terms of costs, it represents a 5% savings compared to new customer acquisition strategies. Therefore, a loyalty program will help to promote and generate sales at a lower cost.

There are several types of loyalty programs that can be implemented, of which we highlight these four:

  • One of the most common is the score program, in which customers accumulate points from each purchase they make and can redeem them for products or discounts on future purchases.
  • Another type of program is membership, in which customers pay an annual fee to gain access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts, early access to product launches, and free shipping.
  • There are also tier-based loyalty programs, in which customers can advance to different levels based on their spending and receive additional benefits as they progress.
  • And finally, there are referral-based loyalty programs where customers receive incentives for bringing new customers to the brand.

In order to create a loyalty program that meets the objectives set, several key factors must be taken into account.

  • Define your objectives clearly.
  • Offer benefits that are appealing and relevant.
  • Clear and effective communication.
  • Keep the loyalty program updated and relevant.

2.- Word of mouth: the greatest classic to promote products of all times.

Word of mouth (WOM) is a classic promotional strategy closely linked to loyalty. Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers surveyed rely on the opinions of family and friends over any other form of advertising over any other form of advertising.

Nowadays, to promote word of mouth we use reviews. Whether it’s about a product or a brand, reviews are the digital form of WOM. To manage reviews there are multiple tools that vary depending on the type of business.

Trust Pilot is one of the most popular review apps used in the Hair Care industry. However, Google also offers a completely free customer feedback system.

In short, word of mouth is a very powerful promotional strategy to persuade new customers as it provides truthfulness and reliability about a brand and its products.


3.- Raffles never go out of trend

Social networks are the most suitable channels for launching raffles and promotions. This marketing strategy uses an incentive, i.e. a prize, to encourage user participation.

A survey conducted by Easypromos reveals that 92.6% of respondents use raffles as a promotional strategy on social networks. Among the benefits are the following: 

  • Lead acquisition.
  • Increase in followers
  • Improve brand visibility and user engagement.

To get the most out of raffles, it will be necessary to customise depending on the type of product or service. The prize or incentive will be key here. For instance, the Brazilian straightening by Kativa is one of the star products that will incite greater participation among your target audience.

On the other hand, the requirements of the raffle itself must be simple. Set conditions that are easy to comply with. In addition, an original and creative message will get you half of the job done.

Communicate your promotion through different channels and don’t forget to announce the winner to give it legitimacy and encourage participation in the following ones.


4.- Partnerships with influencers, the most trendy promotional strategy

Partnerships with influencers are one of the most important tactics today. According to the latest study by Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses earn an average of $5.20 per dollar spent with influencer marketing. A form of promotion that many Hair Care businesses have joined due to its great applicability in this sector.

To implement an effective influencer strategy, you will have to choose who best fits the brand you want to promote. This will require a thorough search process in which it will be necessary to take into account:

  • If the influencer’s type of followers fits the brand’s target audience.
  • What type of content they usually publish on their social networks.
  • If the values they promote are aligned with those of the brand.
  • The reach and engagement rate of their posts.

5.- Spreading brand awareness of the brand’s value proposition

Although it’s not a promotional strategy as such, many companies don’t align their value proposition with their customers.

A value proposition is the promise of value that a customer expects to receive from the brand. It is not a matter of describing the benefits of a product or service, but rather of identifying what makes the brand unique and align it with the desires of the target audience.

CRM Hubspot ranks the value proposition as one of the most important conversion factors. Therefore, developing the values that make a brand different will lay the foundation for a business’s future promotional strategies.

None of them is effective if retailers don’t work with right Hair Care brand

Definitely, most of the success of a promotional strategy for Hair Care products lies in the level of satisfaction that the consumer has with the brand being promoted.

It’d be useless to make the 5 points above to the top if you do not have a brand that offers high quality, exceeds customer expectations, and also quality results, exceeding customer expectations, and that also aligns with their principles and aligns with their principles and lifestyle.

This combination of factors makes Starbrands the ideal partner to guarantee the success of your promotions. beauty retailers. Our brands guarantee results while being in tune with the conscious consumer mentality, which seeks out natural ingredients environmentally friendly, innovators and respect animal welfare (cruelty free).

For all these reasons, becoming our partner is a fundamental step to multiplying the benefits of your promotional strategies. If you want to know all the reasons why, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss it. We’re looking forward to it!


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