Guide to providing your clients with a Hair Care routine for damaged hair

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Damaged hair is a common problem that affects the health and appearance of hair. As a retailer or distributor of hair care products, you must offer your customers effective solutions to repair and restore it. In this article, we show you a Hair Care routine for damaged hair in which Kativa’s Total Plex treatment is […]

Shea moisture hair care products with the highest sales rate

natural hair products

Shea butter is a vegetable fat with multiple benefits for the health and beauty of the hair, thanks to its high content of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Consumers, who are becoming better informed, know this and demand products that contain it. Below, we put before you those that will make you sell more and […]

Effective alternatives to salon treatment for damaged hair

More people prefer the tranquility of their home to take care of their hair. On top of this, there is the growing concern of consumers who want to repair their damaged hair and thus prevent it from falling out or looking bad. With this combination, Hair Care retailers and distributors have the opportunity to offer […]

Keratin treatment on natural hair: help empower your clientele’s self-esteem

keratin treatment on natural hair

Natural and healthy hair is key for many people to feel good about themselves and have enough courage and energy to face their day to day. To achieve this, keratin has become an essential ingredient that more and more consumers are demanding. We bring you the keys to meet your demands with Kativa Keratina. We […]

The 4 basic Hair Care products that should not be missing in your daily routine

Basic hair care products

Among the target audience of retailers and distributors of hair care products, there is a growing trend towards simplicity. In other words, they are looking for fewer products for their routines, but that does not mean they are less demanding. However, they will always need a range of basic products that are essential to maintain […]

Highly efficient beauty business ideas to be at the top of the Hair Care sector

Beauty business ideas

Do you know how to make your business stand out? The beauty sector is one of the most changing and demanding in the world, and requires constant innovation and adaptation. Don’t worry! In this article, we dive into some great strategies to make your business the most successful in the sector. Keep reading and find […]