Bond treatment for hair

Bond treatment for hair: how nanotechnology helps you retain your clients with damaged hair

The introduction of nanotechnology in the development of new formulas for hair has been materialised into products such as bond treatments for hair, aimed at repairing hair. A growing need that becomes an opportunity for retailers and distributors if they include them in their product portfolio. We give you some tips to build loyalty among your customers thanks to this innovative technology.

The rapid growth of the Hair Care industry has been driven mostly by the increasing demand of innovative and personalised productsdesigned under the lenghts of scientifc development.

Among them, products that are based on the implementation of nanotechnology in their formulations have seen a faster growth. This is because is one of the flourishing and innovative technologies available.

Some of the most in-demand and best-rated products are the so-called hair bonding treatments, which take advantage of the benefits of nanotechnology to recover and revitalise damaged hair.

Therefore, they should be included in your product portfolio and offered to your clients and target audience. In this article, we will give plenty of reasons to do it.

Bond treatments: an increasing demand by consumers

According to Salon Retail Products and Services Database de Kline Group, The hair bond treatment market represents a share of the 8,5% in the Hair Care global market in the US alone, considering growth as a steady trend.

in addition, there is also a trend toward innovation, Allied Market Research states that the market for these products is experiencing growth due to the increase in multiple hair treatments that are usually demanded by end users. Furthermore, an increasing of the purchasing power in society also drives the growth of the market.


Nanotechnology, the technology that makes the growth of hair bond treatments possible

From Research and Markets assures that the global nanotechnology in cosmetics market will grow with a significant CAGR until 2028.

Nanotechnology has focused on its applications to innovative products for hair and scalp care in the latest years. This trend is backed up by the fact that nearly 19% of the total nanocosmetics registered in the StatNano database are intended for this purpose.

Nanotechnology is used to improve the effect of cosmetics in several ways, such as controlling drug release, improving physical stability, increasing both the entrapment efficiency and dermal penetration of the active ingredient as well as improving mosturising power.

Therefore, they have been used to treat various hair disorders, including dandruff and other conditions that cause significant damage to your hair.


Kativa Total Plex, the new and innovative treatment from Starbrands that will help you build loyalty among your constumers

Regarding this situation, at Starbrands we have developed and marketed our innovative treatment Kativa Total Plex, that takes advantage of nanotechnology to make an ideal product for hair reconstruction available to consumers.

Kativa Total Plex se basa en nuestra tecnología Nano Bond Complex, which consists of a combination of powerful, highly efficient and nano-encapsulated ingredients, which identify broken bonds to fill damaged areas and rebuild them instantly.

A treatment that includes:

  • A bond builder concetrate that penetrates the hair strand to rebuild broken bonds and provide it with vitality.
  • A reconstructor and protector leave-in sealant that closes the hair cuticle ensuring that all the benefits of the bond builder concentrate remain in the hair.

All thing considered, retailers and distributors can find on Kativa Total plex a great product to expand their businesses and enter new ones. All thanks to our comittment to innovation and our support for consumers’ needs.

If you are interested in having Kativa Total Plex in your portfolio, join our partner programme bespoke for you. Contact us and find out more.


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