Challenges and new Hair Care trends 2024

A new year, as exciting as challenging is just around the corner. For you to get the most out of it, we have prepared this guide on the Hair Care trends that will influence the sector during 2024 and that you should know from day one. Don’t miss out!

A year to keep growing

If there is something certain, it is that the Hair Care market will continue to grow in the next years. In 2023, its global size was 86.9 billion dollars. A figure that will keep growing 4% anually to 2032, when it will reach a value of 124.5 billion dollars (Imarc).

Among the main drivers of this growth are the spreading of several hair problems, and the increasing concern of consumers about the harmful effects of pollution and exposure to sunlight (UV).

It is also worth noting the greater demand for products formulated with natural ingredients and the availability of products through different channels, both in store and online.


6 upcoming trends that will shape the future of the hair care industry

With this panorama, in the next year, we are going to encounter a series of specific trends that you should be aware of as a retailer or distributor in order not to lose ground in your market or to successfully enter others. We dive into the 6 more relevant.


1.- In-house solutions to cover the skinimalist trend

The skinimalist trend seeks to simplify hair and skin care routine with only a few essential products adapted to each need.

According to Euromonitor, by 2025 skinimalism will be one of the main drivers of the skin care market, which will reach $181 billion in sales. A trend that will mirror hair care.

Besides, these “in-house” treatments, are interlinked with skinimalism as make beauty routines easier by doing them at home.


2.- Biome Hare Care, skin care applied to hair

One of the most important aspects of skinification is the care of the biome, which is the set of microorganisms that live in the scalp and hair.

A healthy and diverse hair biome contributes to healthy and beautiful hair, while an altered or unbalanced hair biome can cause problems such as dandruff, itching, oiliness, dryness, hair loss, or graying.

To take care of the biome, it’s recommended a holistic approach that takes into account internal and external factors that can affect hair.


3.- Color liberation

Hair color is a way people express identity. But many feel bored with their natural color or the conventional colors offered by many commercial dyes.

This behaviour known as “I am bored”, leads to exploring new experiences, and look for more striking, frequent, and personalised changes. Thus, it’s important to offer many options adapted to each person.


4.- Geo Hair Care

Environmental conditions influence the health and appearance of hair. For instance, humidity, heat, cold, wind, sun, and pollution can cause dryness, frizz, breakage, or loss of shine and color.

Geo Hair Care supports products that adapt to specific geographical or climatic conditions, to offer personalized and sustainable solutions .

These products are based on natural and organic ingredients, which respect the environment and cultural diversity.


5.- Ancestral Insight

It’s based on the use of natural ingredients and ancestral origin to take care of hair in a sustainable and ethical way. This trend is connected to the growing consumer demand for products that respect the environment, culture and people’s health.

Although, we have been using these ingredients in the hair for a very long timethe scientific innovation allows to find new effective and safest formulas.


6.- Life stage hair care

It’s based on the principle that hair has different needs depeding on the age and lifestyle of each person.

It’s a personalisation that seeks to adapt to the hormonal, environmental and emotional changes that affect hair throughout life.

By following these 6 trends and acting on them, you will have taken a huge step towards growing your business during the 12 exciting months that lie ahead. From Starbrands, we want to accompany you in this journey

And for that, we have our partner programme that, whether you are a retailer or a distributor, you will find many benefits to help you with whatever you need.

Finally, if you want to know in depth these trends that will shape the future of the Hair Care industry download our ebook where we dive into them.


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