Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen: 3 must-have lines from Kativa to boost your margins

Want to increase your profit margins with hair care products that practically sell themselves? Then you can’t miss Kativa’s Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen lines, three ingredients that will delight your target audience. Find out how they offer you the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your Hair Care business.

If you choose the products to be marketed or distributed wisely, you will not have to worry if they do not individually offer a large profit margin. The key is to choose the ones that are going to help you to generate large volumes of salesThe company’s products and services are used on a daily basis and provide added value to the target audience.

This is where Kativa’s hair care lines emerge, such as the ones with Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen as star ingredients, a sure bet to boost your margins. We invite you to learn more about them and discover why.

Why you should choose Kativa product families for your store

When we talk about the products that make up these lines (shampoos, conditioners, etc.), we are talking about treatments that all consumers
need and use constantly, which is why their in-store in-store turnover rate is very high..

These are products which, according to the prestigious Boston Consulting Group and its growth matrix
its growth matrix
are called “Cow”. In other words, they are those high market share and stable demand and stable demand, where they are widely consolidated.

Although their profit margin per unit is very small, the high volume of sales that they have is a source of revenue for brings to retailers
retailers significant revenues in total sales..

But we should not only keep the sales of each product individually, but we also have a golden opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell our products. cross-selling by combining combining several of them.

Let’s not forget that many consumers follow certain rituals when caring for their hair that involve combining different products.

This, together with
appropriate sales and communication
communication strategies, retailers can sell more than one sell more than one product from the same line, and even entire families of products.. For example, we can launch promotions or design marketing campaigns to make customers aware of the benefits of the combined use of these products.

Kativa, products with market trend ingredients: Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen.

In the specific case of the Kativa Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen families, there are market data that make them enjoy a leading role in the cosmetics sector in general and Hair Care in particular.

In fact, taking a look at the situation in the coconut market coconut marketThe company will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4% from 2023 to 2030. This is largely due to a greater awareness of its benefits on the part of consumers.

There is a trend away from the conventional use of coconut oil as a food ingredient to its use as a beauty or personal care product. to its use as a beauty or personal care product.. (Conclusions drawn from
this report by Grand View Research

In turn, the global vitamin E market vitamin E will reach a value of US$3,728.2 million in 2028, representing an annual growth rate of 4.3%. annual growth of 4.3%.. The latter enjoys a increased number of distribution channels and greater availability of products containing it. of products containing it. (
Data from Allied Market Research

Finally, the market value of collagen market value in the personal care and cosmetics applications segment will expand at a CAGR of 7%. CAGR of 7% through 2032,
according to Industry Share Report

In addition, it should be noted that its manufacturers have begun to produce ingredients according to strict guidelines that minimize the environmental impact of their products. minimize environmental impact (
data from Mordor Intelligence

How to captivate your customers with Kativa’s product families?

All the products of the Kativa lines offer the modern, modern and conscious modern, modern and conscious consumer a series of attributes 100% aligned aligned with their hair care hair care needs, as well as with their
principles and lifestyle

product portfolio
Kativa’s product portfolio includes solutions for every type of hair. Knowing the particularities of each market in which you want to be a leader and the preferences of each type of customer, you will have no problem finding the most suitable ones.

We are talking about products clean beauty based on innovationwith an important source of natural ingredients and free of aggressive chemicals which, in addition, are manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques. environment and that are free of animal cruelty (cruelty free).

It is their innovative nature that makes them a favorite of early adopters. favorite of early adoptersand influencers and trendsetters, influencers and trendsetters. trendsetters.

But on the other hand, their simple, everyday use also makes them the object of desire for other types of consumers, giving Kativa products a versatility that leads directly to more sales and revenue.This gives Kativa products a versatility that leads directly to more sales and revenue.

The importance of packaging should not be overlooked either.
packaging, which clearly and attractively represents all these qualities, being a magnet for the attention of customers.

Kativa products with Coconut, Vitamin E and Collagen that will increase your sales margins.

All this makes it possible to shape a product mix that will a mix of products that will drive sales of the establishments that include them on their shelves. These options can be found in the following lines:

Kativa Coconut

Based on organic coconut oil, it repairs damaged hair and gives it shine, softness and health.

  • Shampoo: cleanses and reconstructs hair and scalp, leaving them revitalized and luminous.
  • Conditioner: Moisturizes and repairs hair, leaving it soft, supple and natural.
  • Intensive treatment: Hydrates and repairs the hair fiber in depth, leaving hair healthy, shiny and silky.
  • Cream serum: reconstructs, moisturizes and facilitates hair styling, keeping it light, perfect and deliciously scented.
  • Coconut oil: repairs damaged hair and leaves it soft, luminous and with an exquisite scent.ç

Kativa Collagen

Recommended for lifeless, weak, fine hair with loss of volume from the root.

  • Shampoo: the ideal choice for restoring damaged hair, without sacrificing deep cleansing.
  • Conditioner: Brings vitality and strength to the hair, leaving it conditioned and shiny.
  • Intensive treatment: deep treatment for maximum reconstruction, specially designed for devitalized hair from the root.

Kativa Vitamin E

With an important source of antioxidants, it cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

Kativa Vitamin E products contain Biotin Complexwhich helps to promote the growth of strong and healthy hair, preventing it from being easily damaged. The formula also includes the bamboowith moisturizing, restorative and conditioning properties.

  • Shampoo: gently cleanses the hair.
  • Conditioner: cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restoring the cuticle.
  • Intensive treatment: Helps to deeply repair the hair fiber.

As you can see, with Kativa you won’t be short of first class options. to attract customers and sell non-stop the products that they really need and that are on the cutting edge. And, to give you a hand in all this, we encourage you to join our
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