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This is the cosmetics consumer profile you need to know in order to build customer loyalty

Did you know that today’s cosmetics consumer profile is more demanding and more committed to the environment? We are talking about the profile known as CSS (conscious, supportive and sustainable), which seeks natural, ecological and ethical products. In this article we tell you what this new consumption pattern is like and how brands should act to build loyalty among this increasingly numerous and relevant public in the beauty industry.

The beauty industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, especially with the arrival of a new cosmetics consumer profile: the CSS (conscious, supportive and sustainable).

In addition, the global health crisis has triggered the adoption of new beauty routines, priorities and consumer values.. This article will examine in detail the cosmetics consumer profile that brands need to understand in order to build loyalty and adapt to this new consumption pattern.

The changing preferences of the cosmetics consumer profile

The post-pandemic consumer has become more conscious of their health and wellbeing, as well as the environmental impact of their purchasing choices.

This consumer profile is willing to modify their habits and preferences to align with sustainability standards. Concern for personal care has extended beyond food products to encompass the beauty industry as well.

TheCSS consumer values natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly elements in cosmetics.

There is a growing demand for natural products and an increasing openness on the part of both consumers and producers towards the use of clean formulas.

This trend is also reflected in theinterest in advanced biotechnologyo extract natural ingredients and in the search for clearer rules and regulations n the industry.

Challenges and opportunities for the industry based on today’s cosmetics consumer profile

Although demand for organic cosmetics is growing, lack of regulation and misleading marketing information represent obstacles that could undermine consumer confidence.

Confusing standards and the abundance of products claiming to be organic make it difficult for consumers to make their choice. It is essential to establish precise and enforceable definitions, promote sustainability, improve credibility and strengthen marketing strategies.

CSS consumers also show neutral attitudes due to the lack of clear knowledge and standards in the market. However, given the growing awareness of natural and organic ingredients as well as organic production, the majority of respondents in the studies are willing to change their current attitudes.

Tips for retailers to successfully adapt to the new consumer model

In order to build loyalty with this new consumer profile, retailers need to take into account a number of factors:

Having brands that provide clear and honest information for today’s cosmetics consumer profile.

Thesuccessful brands must provide accurate data on the attributes of products and clean formulas.

When selecting brands, it is important that they include products with globally recognized certifications that support the honesty of their formulations.

When selecting brands, it is important that they include products with globally recognized certifications that support the honesty of their formulations.

Thecosmetics industry needs time and financial support to develop in research and innovation of increasingly sustainable products.

Brands should invest in the development of environmentally friendly formulations, the use of packaging conceived under ecodesign characteristics, and the implementation of ethical production practices.

All this, of course, without forgetting efficacy and results in line with the demands of today’s cosmetics consumer profile.

Commitment to transparency in its actions

Transparency is key to gaining consumer trust in CSS. Brands must be transparent about the ingredients used, their provenance, production methods and labour practices.

This includes providing recognised certifications and quality seals that support the veracity of the messages being delivered to the public.

Establishing an emotional connection with the cosmetics consumer profile

In addition, it is important for brands to establish an emotional connection with the CSS consumer.

This involves communicating brand values clearly and authentically, telling stories that resonate with the ideals of the conscious and caring consumer, and promoting their active participation in sustainable initiatives.

The education and awareness are powerful tools to drive change in consumption patterns. Brands can play an active role in providing information and educational resources on sustainability, health and wellness. This includes providing advice on how to read product labels, how to choose eco-friendly cosmetics and how to incorporate sustainable beauty routines into daily life.

In conclusion, the profile of the conscious, caring and sustainable consumer is transforming the cosmetics industry. Brands must adapt to this new consumption pattern, prioritising sustainability, transparency and emotional connection with the consumer.

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