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What does it mean for a cosmetic brand and its environment to be cruelty free?

If you’re in the beauty industry, you’ll know that demand for cruelty-free cosmetics is growing. More and more consumers are concerned about the origin and composition of the products they apply to their skin and body, and are looking for ethical and sustainable options that do not involve animal suffering. In this article, we tell you what it means to be cruelty free, what advantages it has for your business and how you can differentiate between cruelty free and non-cruelty free products.

The cosmetics industry has undergone a significant change in recent years. More and more consumers are concerned about the ingredients used in products that are applied to the skin and body, and also about the fact that no animals have suffered during their production.

In response to this growing awareness, cruelty-free practices have emerged in the cosmetics industry.

Hereafter we will explore how preferences for cruelty-free practices in the sector impact on the creation of an attractive and profitable product portfolio and its role in the immediate future.

Cruelty free: a trend to follow in the cosmetics industry

According to astudyby GlobalData, 35% of consumers actively seek out “cruelty free” claims on beauty products.

Of all cruelty-free beauty consumers,73% support cruelty-free brands regardless of the parent company’s policy.

Furthermore, the same survey reveals that 24% of consumers are looking for a “vegan” claim and, in line with this, manufacturers are regaining consumer confidence by incorporating cleaner, more natural ingredients.

The benefits of using cruelty-free cosmetics go beyond animal welfare

In addition to the ethical benefits, cruelty-free cosmetics also offer advantages for consumers that make them even more likely to choose them.

  • Firstly, these products are often formulated with natural and organic ingredients, which makes them gentler and less likely to cause skin irritation.
  • By removing ingredients of animal origin, the risk of allergies or adverse reactions is also reduced.. Cruelty-free cosmetics are a safer choice for our health and well-being.
  • Another benefit of cruelty-free cosmetics is that they are often more environmentally friendly.. By using natural and sustainable ingredients, they reduce the negative impact on ecosystems and promote the conservation of natural resources.
  • In addition, many cruelty-free cosmetics brands are also committed to sustainable production practices and eco-friendly packaging,which contributes to reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

How to identify cruelty-free beauty and personal care products?

Fortunately, identifying cruelty-free cosmetic products is becoming easier and easier. Many brands have obtained certifications from recognised organizations, such. as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or Leaping Bunny, which verify that products are not tested on animals.

These organizations can also provide updated lists of cruelty-free brands and products.

In addition, many brands include seals or logos on their labels or packaging indicating that they are cruelty free. By reading labels and looking for these labels, consumers can make informed decisions and choose products that meet their ethical values.

The future of cruelty-free practices in the cosmetics industry

The future of cruelty-free cosmetics is promising. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of choosing products that are not tested on animals and are environmentally friendly.

This growing demand is driving brands to adopt ethical and sustainable practices. . In addition, scientific advances are enabling the development of more reliable and ethical alternatives to animal testing.

With the support of consumers and the collaboration of brands, we can create a future where cruelty-free cosmetics are the norm and animal testing is a thing of the past.

In short, cruelty-free cosmetics offer benefits for our health, as they are formulated with natural and organic ingredients, and also benefit the environment by being more sustainable.

The growing demand and recognised certifications make it easier than ever to identify and choose these products.

Therefore, there is every reason to give cruelty-free products a prominent place on your shelves and to distribute them in key markets.. This is where Starbrands comes in.

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