Does the Kativa Brazilian straightening kit have the same result on every type of hair?

A customer who gets into a store looking for Hair Care products has specific needs that must be covered if retailers want to build strong relationships with them. Kativa Brazilian straightening kit face this situation as well, which is why many consumers wonder whether their results will be as claimed depending on the particularities of their hair. We dive into it here.

The Hair Care market goes towards the specialisation depending on type of hair and treatment needs.

One of the main drivers of the hair care industry lays on the need of consumers and the capacity of products to cover them.

In fact, according to Data Bridge Market, different types of hair and lifestyles bring up different needs and, therefore, specialised hair care treatments to cover them.

The growing offer of bespoke treatments is possible thanks to the constant innovation and cutting-edge technology, which has created a wide range of hair care treatments for every customer need.


The many advantages of standing out through products for different types of hair

Customisation for every type of hair to differentiate yourself as a brand. Thus, it will enjoy a key advantage in such a competitive sector.

Something that will certainly influence customers’ perception of the brand and will have benefits for retailers and distributors who go for it, such as:

  • Having a product that stands out among so many options, attracting the attention of most demanding consumers..
  • In order to establish higher prices, clients must understand the value and effectiveness of these products.
  • Greater customer loyalty and trust will be reflected in more recurring sales and customer acquisition due to good reputation and word of mouth.


How Kativa Brazilian straightening kit contributes to personalisation by being equally effective on every type of hair and contributing to sales growth

This trend towards the specialization depending on the type of hair is also reflected in straightening treatments.

For this reason, at Starbrands we offer two types of Brazilian straightening kits. On the one hand, the keratin Brazilian straightening with keratin by Kativa. This is especially designed for curly or frizzy hair, with thick and strong strands. It is also ideal for those looking for a total straightened hair.

On the other hand, the Kativa Hyaluronic Brazilian Straightening which offers such an visible effect, reducing frizz and volume, but relaxing the curl, without making it completely lost.

With both products in your store, you are covering the needs of two large groups of consumers looking for  straightening hair. Two products similar in some ways and yet not considered as competitors.

Besides, both have something in common: they satisfy the demand of a customer profile type, who looks for immediate results but also environmental comittment, animal protection and natural ingredients.

On top of it, we must add that the use of Kativa Brazilian straightening kits is usually accompanied by the consumption of complementary post-smoothing products from the same brand. To prolongue the desired effect. Key to help with cross-selling.

In short, Kativa Brazilian straightening kits are specially developed to meet the needs of all types of users who want to include this effect in their hair, to a greater or lesser extent and regardless of their hair.

Include it now in your product catalogue through our partner programme and begin to appreciate how your sales will grow based on satisfactory results and the alignment of Starbrands principles with those of your clients.


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