Effective alternatives to salon treatment for damaged hair

More people prefer the tranquility of their home to take care of their hair. On top of this, there is the growing concern of consumers who want to repair their damaged hair and thus prevent it from falling out or looking bad. With this combination, Hair Care retailers and distributors have the opportunity to offer them repair treatments that are do-it-yourself (DIY) and offer the same results as salon treatments. We present them to you in this article.

At-home treatments gain ground over salons

Within the Hair Care sector, there is a clear trend towards “in-house” treatments as opposed to salon treatments. A trend that responds to the concept of skinimalism, which is committed to the simplification of routines, which means applying them yourself instead of spending hours in the salon.

This situation happens because of several reasons, such us:

  • Saving money and time in travel and long stays in the salon. By taking care of your hair at home, you avoid transportation costs, appointments, waiting, and high prices for hair services. In addition, you can choose the most convenient time, without depending on the salon’s schedules.
  • A wider variety of products and treatments adapted to every hair type and need. There are countless options on the market to take care of your hair at home and you can choose the most suitable product or treatment for each type of hair. Thus, a personalized and satisfactory result is achieved.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of natural ingredients. Many people choose to take care of their hair at home with products that respect the environment and the health of the hair. These products are usually softer, moisturizing and nourishing than chemical products, and add shine, softness and strength to the hair.
  • Experiment with different styles and colors without fear of damaging your hair or regretting the result. Taking care of your hair at home also allows you to change your look frequently. You can try different hairstyles, cuts, accessories and colors, using products that do not damage the hair or that are removed by washing. Thus, you can enjoy creativity and fun, without compromising the health and beauty of your hair.


Rise of damaged hair

Straits Research states that damaged hair and its consequences, such as hair loss, is one of the most prevalent global hair care issues faced by consumers. consumers.

In addition, they tell us that the percentage of hair loss caused by environmental factors, other chemicals, and everyday hair products is growing.

All of this means that there is a huge market for hair care items that control hair damage and hair loss. As a result, a significant number of companies are competing with each other to position themselves as leaders in this area of the sector.

Finally, this same report claims that consumers are trying to use hair damage treatment products inside and out instead of spending money on expensive medical treatments, such as a hair transplant or a hair tattoo.


Alternative Treatments: Kativa Total Plex

Faced with this situation, Total Plex treatments such as Kativa’s acquire great value. It repairs hair damaged by harsh chemical ingredients, heat treatments, pollution and other factors. Kativa Total Plex rebuilds keratin bonds and reverses this damage. All this without leaving home.

It is made up of 2 products that complement each other. The first one is Bond Builder Concentrate, with Nano-Bond Complex technology , with nanoparticles that repair broken keratin bonds.

The second one is the Reconstructor & Protector all-in sealant, which closes the hair cuticle ensuring that all the benefits of the Reconstructive Concentrate remain in the hair.

By using it, users of Kativa Total Plex get:

  • Reduce hair breakage by 83%.
  • Reduce split ends by 85%.
  • Increase hair shine by 70%.
  • Improve hair softness by 81%.

With these results, Hair Care retailers and distributors have with Kativa Total Plex a key resource to gain the trust of people looking for products for their damaged hair.

In addition, Kativa Total Plex aligns with the values most demanded by responsible and conscientious consumers, such as a product formulated with natural ingredients, free of aggressive chemicals and respectful of the environment and animal welfare.

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