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Guide to increasing average ticket with Kativa’s hair frizz products

Hair frizz control is one of the priorities of many consumers of Hair Care products. Therefore, choosing the right products is an opportunity for retailers to improve their average ticket. In this article, we go through some key strategies to achieve it and why Kativa should be the chosen brand.

What is the average ticket and how does it impact sales growth?

The average ticket, also known as the average basket, is a value that results from dividing the total sales for a given period of time by the total number of transactions, or tickets, for that period.

For example, if the total sales in a year amount to 15,000 euros, and the number of transactions is 250, we would have an average ticket of 60. This calculation can be used to know how much a consumer spends on average on a given brand.

However, this would not be all. To provide further information, it’s also possible to calculate the average number of items purchased in each purchase, or UPTas well as the average price of the units purchased, or PMe.

Investing in a strategy to improve the average ticket of a business is the fastest way for retailers to increase their sales volume. This involves applying techniques focused on promoting existing products, without the need for variations or new product launches.

The growing market for products for hair frizz control

Anti frizz Kativa products

The personal care products market is on the upswing. According to a study by Mordor Intelligence, in the next few years, hair care market will grow by 4% until 2025. The reason is a increase in spending per consumer,which directly implies an increasein the average basket per customer.

According to the report, the widespread use of heat tools to shape hair causes hair damage that consumers want to get repaired. Therefore, in addition to the improvement in the average ticket, we have the need to sell repaired products for hair.

In addition, when googling the word “frizz” we discover that search results include phrases such as “hated frizz”, “battle against frizz”, or “goodbye hair frizz”. This suggests that frizz is not fashionable and therefore, there is a real consumer need to combat frizzy hair and invest in hair care.

Both market circumstances and consumer behavior consumer behavior, open a window for retailers and distributors to increase average ticket items with Kativa’s anti-frizz products.

How to improve the average basket with Kativa’s frizz products


Define a sales plan

When improving the average basket of a business it’s important that the metrics are up-to-date. This may seem very straightforward but is one of the main failures in developing and executing sales strategies.

As confirmed by the study ‘The enterprise guide to sales performance manager‘ (SPM), companies with poor planning can lose up to 10% of their annual sales..

Therefore, a robust sales plan has to incorporate the current average ticket, as well as establish a set of KPIs to measure and analyse the baseline situation with the final performance of the strategy.

Apply upselling and cross-selling

A ‘must’ tactic to improve the average sales basket are the well-known upselling, and upselling and cross-selling tactics. The first one tries to persuade the consumer to purchase a more sophisticated, and therefore more expensive, version of the product they were originally going to buy. The second one sells items related to those added to the shopping cart.

Anti-frizz hair products offer an easy application of cross-selling and upselling tactics due to Kativa’s versatility and wide range of hair products and kits. versatility and the wide range of Kativa hair products and kits. For example, if a consumer is looking for an anti-frizz shampoo, an additional sale would be the Kativa Extra Shine anti-frizz straightening kit without a flat iron.


Betting on “best sellers”

The lifecycle of a product goes through four fundamental stages: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. Therefore, from its launch to its withdrawal from the market, the product has experienced different peak sales times. There are even products that survive the downturn and remain in time as top sales.

A report by Statista points out that the beauty and cosmetic products market will reach 579.20 billion dollars in 2023. However, in such a competitive context, it’s necessary to stand out from the competition. In this sense, a good technique is use peaks in popularity of items to persuade consumers to add it to their shopping cart. consumers to add it to their shopping cart.

Use words like “trend” or “best seller” to attract the attention of buyers and don’t forget to talk about the properties that make the product so special.

Don’t forget coupons and promotions

Promotions are a top sales strategy to improve the average ticket. The Emprendedores magazine points out that 29% of purchases are made on impulse. In other words, they appeal to emotions to justify the need to buy. And this is the main claim that promotions rely on to work.

There are different types of promotions to adjust the strategy to the particularities of the customer’s profiles. In this regards, we find:

  • Coupons
  • Discounts 2×1
  • Sales
  • Samples


Take advantage of free shipping

Shipping possibilities can be a before and after to increase the shopping cart. According to a survey, the well-known “free shipping from” is the phrase most searched for by 73% of users when shopping online. when making an online purchase.

Ideally, you should offer a minimum price above which users will not pay for shipping costs in order to motivate them to add more products to their shopping cart.


Find the best partner for Hair Care products

To be successful in increasing the average sales ticket, we must have the best partner in Hair Care products.

Starbrands is positioned as one of the market leaders in hair care products. Our brands guarantee the satisfaction of the final customer and take into account the consumer’s mentality, which demands natural ingredients environmentally friendly, innovation and animal welfare respect (cruelty free).

In addition, as our partner you will enjoy benefits, such as product previews, promotions, point-of-sale creative, and many more advantages that will help you increase your average ticket.

For all these reasons, becoming our partner is a fundamental step to multiplying the benefits of your promotional strategies. If you want to know all the reasons why, do not hesitate to contact us, and will go through it with you. We’re looking forward to it!


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