Hair products with natural ingredients

Hair products with natural ingredients that will become best selling in 2024

The demand for hair products with natural ingredients will keep growing in 2024. Thus, retailers and distributors should keep an eye on it and work with brands that champion nature besides offering effective results. This is precisely what Happy Anne does, the brand from the Starbrands group that is becoming a leading brand in the market. Would you like to know more about it?

Trend towards nature in 2024

According to 360 MarketUpdates, hair care global market willexpand at an annual compounding of 5,13% until 2028, reaching 14,288 million dollars by then.

Precision Reports identify the main drivers of this trend. This report concludes that most consumers look for products made with natural ingredients due to increasing health concerns related to the use of chemicals, which was proved cause hair breakage and loss.

According to Data Bridge Market Research consumers care about natural ingredients also because they are more sustainable, reduce the use of pesticides and support fair and ethical agriculture practices. Values that every consumer is seeking nowadays.

This situation has led many hair care brands and beauty product manufacturers to expand and include in their portfolio hair products with natural ingredients.


Happy Anne hair products with natural ingredients: the best fit for this trend

Happy Anne is the brand, from the Starbrands group, that uses 100% natural formulas, free of harsh chemicals, salt and parabens, and it’s cruelty free certified.

Happy Anne offer a wide range of products for hair with natural ingredients to get consumer’s need covered, particularly those who are very concerned about hair health, animal welfare, and the planet.

A growing customer target among with retailers and distributor should build loyalty and stand out from their competitors. Thus, you should include in your portfolio the following Happy Anne products.


Happy Anne Super Care

Shampoos and conditioners 100% vegan and created for all different needs.

  • Keratin: nourish hair with frizz under control thanks to keratin.
  • Coconut: coconut and Macadamia for dry hair. You will achieve untangled, soft, hydrated, shiny hair with an exquisite aroma.
  • Argan: for brittle and dull hair. Nutrition and protection to restore strength and shine thanks to the combined effect of argan and Açaí.
  • Carbon detox: for greasy hair. Combines the purifying power of active charcoal with the nourishing properties of bamboo extract.
  • Blue Plex: soften unwanted yellowish tones to maintain the original tone for longer.
  • Smooth and Shiny: with ExtraLiss technology with vegetable oils to prolong the straightening effect.


Happy Anne Super Straightening

It’s a brazilian straightening kit which lasts for up to 100 days. With Extreme Care effect to achieve healthy, shiny and straight hair. A kit that includes 3 smoothing masks, a conditioner, and a shampoo sachet.

Made with a formula that contains:

  • Keratin protein to hydrate in deepth.
  • Organic argan oil to protect and repair hair.
  • Shea butter to soften and nourish hair.
  • Amino acids to strengthen the hair strand.


Happy Anne Color Intense

It gives an intese and and long-lasting color, alongide with maximum shine and total nutrition with its completely vegan formula, which includes organic oils, plant extracts and plant keratin.

As you see, Happy Anne has a full portfolio of hair products with natural ingredients that meets the demands of all types of clients, so that you can build their loyalty and increase your sales.

In addition, you can join our partner programme, to enjoy the exclusive benefits that will make easier to sell and distribute Happy Anne products.

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