Ácido hialurónico para el pelo

Hyaluronic acid for hair, the best-selling ingredient that should not be missing from your products catalogue

The arrival and settlement of hyaluronic acid among Hair Care products has opened a very valuable opportunity for retailers’ income to continue to grow. Here, we tell you how to seize this opportunity and make the most of the Kativa Luxury Hyaluronic range.

The hyaluronic acid market for hair: trends and opportunities

Hyaluronic acid is currently one of the top trend ingredients for hair care. Just by digging into market research, we can be certain about it. market research such as this from Future Market Insights, which tells us that the global market will reach 7,360 million dollars in 2033.

If we take as a reference the 3.26 billion dollars that hyaluronic acid’s value reached in 2023 this means that it will expand at a compound annual rate of 8.5%.

Among the main supporters of this trend, Maximize Market Research identifies the following:

  • Higher awareness about skin and hair care routines.
  • Growth of the natural and organic care market. Consumers look for opinions and reviews about natural alternatives more often. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient that can be produced from vegetable sources.
  • The rise of e-commerce, which has facilitated the availability of these products in every store.
  • The influence of social media and trend creators.

With this panorama, the very same study highlights the main market opportunities offered by hyaluronic acid.

The first one is that as consumers become increasingly concerned about environmental impact, an opportunity arises to develop sustainable products to develop sustainable products that are made using renewable resources and environmentally friendly production methods.

On the other hand, there is also an opportunity for product customisation for all hair types and the concerns of each individual. All this is thanks to technological advances associated with the development of new products.


Benefits of selling products with hyaluronic acid for hair


Hyaluronic acid treatment Kativa

One of the main advantages of having products with hyaluronic acid for hair in your store is that they cover the needs of a large proportion of consumers.

We are referring to growing audience who seek:

  • Moisturise and soften the hair fiber, reducing frizz and facilitating styling.
  • Give volume, shine, elasticity, and strength to the hair, preventing breakage and split ends.
  • Repair hair damaged caused by some dyes, the overuse of heat hair tools, environmental pollution, and other external factors.

All in all, it’s a product sought by many customers but also purchase frequently by them, as we are talking about permanent needs that stay over time, either for the type of hair or how it’s cared.

Another advantage to consider is the fact that consumers will look for more than one product with hyaluronic acid to complete their hair care routine. Therefore, if they trust a specific brand, they will purchase its shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask altogether. The overcome for any store will be a higher average ticket thanks to cross-selling.


Kativa Luxury Hyaluronic, the best option for your sales to grow like never before

As can be seen, the advantages of having products with hyaluronic acid for hair in your store are most beneficial. However, You have to be really careful when selecting the right brand. Otherwise, the opposite effect may happen, bringing negative consequences for the future viability of the business.

That said, Kativa and its Luxury Hyaluronic product line are a reliable alternative to achieving sales objectives. Why are we so sure about it?

First of all because of the quality of results. provided, returning the hair to its natural state, repairing it, and preventing breakage and frizz. Long-lasting results that ensure customer loyalty.

On the other hand, our innovative character, makes us never stop searching and developing effective and innovative formulas designed for each type of person and their specific needs of hair care.

We also have to emphasise that nature and sustainability are part of every step we take. We choose products without aggressive chemicals, manufactured with techniques that minimise the environmental impact, and package under eco-design principles. Besides, are 100% cruelty free.

This way, we are fully aligned with the values of the majority of society and, therefore, most of the hair care retailers target.

After knowing all of that, would you like to enjoy the benefits of selling Kativa Luxury Hyaluronic through our partner programme?

Contact us and we will give you all the info so you can make the choice that is best for your business.


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