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Innovative projects at Starbrands: how our brands adapt to new market trends and customer demands

Innovation in the Hair Care sector is primarily focused on getting brands to deliver everything today’s consumers are looking for while taking every possible advantage of their competitors. Therefore, as a retailer or consumer, you must have a clear understanding of the trends that shape R&D in hair cosmetics. Shall we dive into them?

How much is invested in R&D in cosmetics and Hair Care and what is it used for?

The cosmetics industry is a sector that is committed to innovation and development as fundamental pillars of its activity. According to the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (STANPA), the cosmetics industry is a sector that is committed to innovation and development as fundamental pillars of its activity, invests in research and development around 120 million euros a year to make more natural and environmentally sustainable products.

This investment translates into continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, the use of plant-based or biotech ingredients, the reduction of packaging, and the elimination of animal testing.

Innovation also focuses on protecting consumers from aggressive chemical compounds, guaranteeing product quality, and making products increasingly effective in solving specific problems.

Thus, the cosmetics industry offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs and preferences of each person, with innovative formulas that provide benefits for health, well-being, and beauty.

From anti-hair loss shampoos to straightening treatments or hair masks, Hair Care products are the final result of constant research and development to meet the demands of an increasingly aware society.

The 4 key trends in innovation for the Hair Care industry

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1.-The addition of new molecules and ingredients

One of the most widespread applications of innovation in Hair Care is the incorporation of new molecules and ingredients, especially of natural origin, that provide benefits for the hair and scalp.

In the important work of innovation that the cosmetics industry carries out every year, at least 10% of the products are committed to incorporating new molecules and ingredients.

The discovery of new methodologies and extraction techniques from high-quality natural ingredients, together with new developments in biotechnology applied to the evolution of cosmetics are of increasing interest to professionals in the sector.

These natural ingredients can come from a variety of sources, such as plants, fruits, flowers, algae, fungi, or microorganisms. Some examples of these ingredients are hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin E, argan oil, aloe vera, or shea butter.

The incorporation of new molecules and natural ingredients in cosmetic products represents an additional value for the sector and for consumers, who are increasingly demanding products that respect the environment and their health.

The cosmetics industry is thus committed to sustainability and social responsibility while offering innovative and effective solutions for personal care.

2.- Safer products and environmental impact reduction

The cosmetics industry is a sector that is concerned with offering safer products for the user and minimising the ecological footprint of its activity. In this context, we must incorporate the increasingly pressing priority of the authorities regarding sustainable product development.

In turn, the consumer has been gradually incorporating the value of sustainability as a point to be taken into account which influences their decision-making when purchasing cosmetics.

The cosmetics industry has adopted several measures to improve its sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint. These include:

  • The use of recycled packaging.
  • The reduction of the amount of packaging waste.
  • The use of biodegradable or compostable materials.
  • The design of reusable packaging.
  • The elimination of microplastics or the use of eco-labels.

Furthermore, the use of water has been optimised in the production process, through the implementation of water recirculation, reuse, and water treatment systems. These systems make it possible to reduce water consumption and avoid the pollution of water resources.

As a result, the cosmetics industry has developed products that require less water consumption requires less water consumption or can even be used without water at all, such as dry shampoos or bath gels. These products offer a more sustainable and efficient alternative to personal care.

3.- Personalisation

Personalisation is a way to differentiate and build consumer loyalty, for those who are looking for unique and exclusive products that adapt to their tastes and needs.

The cosmetics industry has been able to take advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence to offer customised products that meet the expectations and demands of an increasingly diverse and aware market.

The products are adapted to the specific needs of each type of hair, such as curly, thin, dyed, or grey hair, which are different examples of personalisation. These products take into account the particularities and problems of each hair type and offer specific solutions to improve its appearance, health, and care.

For example, products for curly hair aim to define and control curls, moisturise the hair, and prevent frizz; products for thin hair aim to give volume, density, and strength to the hair; products for color-treated hair aim to protect the color, nourish the hair and prevent shine loss; and products for grey hair aim to cover grey hair, tone down the color and prevent yellowing.

4.- Multifunctionality

Multifunctional hair care products are those that offer several benefits in a single product. several benefits in a single product. The hair care products can moisturise, nourish, protect, shine, volumise, straighten, or curl hair. Consumers value these products and tools for their practicality, efficiency, and versatility.

Innovation applied to multifunctional hair care products is based on research and development of new formulas, ingredients, textures, and formats that offer several benefits in a single product.

These products are created by applying advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, which facilitate customisation, efficiency, and safety.


Starbrands, at the forefront of hair care innovation

Starbrands is known for its constant commitment to innovation. Our goal is to offer our customers products adapted to their needs, preferences, and lifestyles, with effective, natural, and environmentally friendly formulas.

In order to achieve this, we have a research and development team formed by experts in different areas. Starbrands is thus able to incorporate the latest scientific and technological advances into its products, creating innovative solutions that make a difference.

Starbrands uses high quality natural ingredients. These include essential oils, plant extracts, and vitamins. These ingredients provide health and beauty benefits to the hair, without causing irritation or allergies. In addition, Starbrands avoids the use of synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates, silicones, or artificial colorants.

We are also committed to simplifying consumers’ beauty routine offering products that fulfil several needs at the same time. For example, the keratin shampoo by Kativa cleanses the hair while nourishing and strengthening the hair fibre.

On top of that, we manufacture our products using more sustainable manufacturing processes: Starbrands is concerned with reducing the environmental impact of its operations. To this end, it uses manufacturing processes that minimise water and energy consumption and generate less waste. It also uses packaging in accordance with the principles of the eco-design.

With these initiatives, Starbrands demonstrates its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, offering products that deliver better results, customised, multifunctional, with natural ingredients and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Thus, we have positioned ourselves as a benchmark company in the beauty market, which makes our brands our brands of the most requested by consumers. Something to keep in mind when it comes to filling your shelves.

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