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Kativa anti-frizz hair products: the Hair Care sector’s solution to counteract the effect of external agents

The sun, wind, humidity, pollution, chemical products used in swimming pools, heat from hair irons and dryers… All of these elements can cause hair to dry out, become frizzy, break, or lose shine. Some factors that affect the vast majority of consumers of Hair Care products, who seek to sort it out with the right treatments, such as Kativa anti-frizz range of products. We tell you how to improve your sales with them.

To care for and protect the hair from external agents that can damage and cause frizz, it is necessary to use products that hydrate, nourish, and repair it. Products in high demand by consumers that you should have in your store.

In this regard, the Kativa anti-frizz range is an excellent option, as they offer an effective and natural solution to combat frizz and improve scalp health, which makes them the most wanted among your target.



What factors cause hair frizz?

Frizz is a problem that affects many people with different types of hair, particularly curly and thin hair.

This phenomenon occurs when hair loses moisture and becomes porous, causing the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) to open up and release negative electrical charges. These charges repel each other and cause the hair to become messy.

Frizz can have several causes, including:

  • Poor hydration: Dry hair can frizz more easily as absorbs moisture from the environment.
  • Overuse of heat tools: hair irons and dryers can damage the hair structure and eliminate its natural moisture, which triggers frizz.
  • Aggressive chemical products can alter the hair’s pH and weaken its hair fiber, making it more vulnerable to frizz.
  • Wheater: Humidity, wind, sun and rain can affect the hair and make it frizz more easily.


Discover Kativa anti-frizz products and the properties that make them the first choice of consumers


Anti frizz Kativa products are based on vegetable keratin, a natural ingredient that is extracted from plants and has similar properties to human keratin, the protein that makes up hair.

Vegetal keratin: It acts as a conditioning, moisturising, repairing, and protective agent for the hair, as it penetrates the hair fiber and fills damaged areas, seals the cuticles, and reduces electrical charges. Regarding this, Kativa anti-frizz hair products can do:

  • To control hair frizz and volume leaving it smoother and more manageable.
  • To improve shine, strength and elasticitypreventing breakage and fall.
  • Protect hair from external agents, such as heat, sun, humidity, and pollution, creating a protective barrier.
  • Nourish hair and scalp, through to the oil and other plant extracts they contain.


What Kativa anti-frizz products can you incorporate into your portfolio?

What Kativa anti-frizz has to offer Kativa anti-frizz treatments consist of a straightening treatment without an iron to do-it-yourself at home. Thanks to its NICTECH technology, it straightens hair quickly and with professional results for up to 12 weeks.

Its formula enriched with keratin leaves hair visibly smooth, soft, and with natural movement. All with natural ingredients, free of formaldehyde and guanidine.

Kativa Anti-Frizz contains:

  • Xpert Repair: Enriched with Keratin and Coconut Oil to repair split ends.
  • Xtreme Care: Enriched with Keratin and Cupuacu to rebuild damaged hair.
  • Xtra Shine: Enriched with Keratin and Liquid Pearl to give extra shine to dull hair.


How do Kativa anti-frizz products align with the Geo Hair Care trend to boost your sales?

The Geo Hair Care trend is about adapt hair care to the climate and where you live, taking into account the particularities and needs of each type of hair.

The goal is to provide personalised solutions for each individual and the external agents that affect their hair.

Kativa anti-frizz hair products fully fit this trend, as they are based on natural ingredients and take into account environmental factors that can affect hair, such as humidity, sun, wind, pollution,

All in all, the Kativa anti-frizz products range is the ideal solution to take care of your hair and prevent frizz, one of the most common and upsetting problems that more consumers are seeking to solve.

For all these reasons, they are essential for any retailer or distributor who wants to position themselves properly in their market. That’s why we want to make it easier for you to distribute them through the exclusive advantages of our partner programme. If you want to know more, contact us and get more info.

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