Kativa Biotina para la caída del cabello

Kativa BIOTINA, the recurring strategy to fight hair loss

Did you know that about 85% of men and 33% of women will at some point face hair loss? This fact alone is enough to know that the products to combat it are a key part of a company’s strategy sales and loyalty that brings attractive benefits. In this article we tell you the fundamental elements that you should consider to define them.

Size and growth of the hair loss products market

Hair loss products are a trend and a safe bet for retailers and distributors. In fact, its market size is expected to grow from US$1.90 billion in 2023 to US$2.80 billion in 2028, with a annual compounded rate of 8.08% (data from Mordor Intelligence).

Among the main drivers of this situation, identified by Verified Market Research, are the increasing level of stress, leading to increased hair loss, greater concern for physical appearance, and rising incomes.

As a result, manufacturers are renewing their product product portfolio, targeting conscious consumers by introducing new products at affordable prices, introducing new products at affordable prices.

Consumers are also expected to be increasingly inclined toward specific origin ingredients, especially ingredients of specific origin, especially natural natural.


5 keys to gaining repeat customers looking to prevent hair loss

1.- Get to know and address your target audience.

It is essential to know the consumer profile who suffers from hair loss. According to an study of Medihair, we find that:

  • More than 65% of American men will experience hair loss of varying degrees by the age of 35.
  • By age 50, 85% of men will have signs of thinning hair.
  • 25% of men who have hair loss begin the process before the age of twenty-one years.

Therefore, we can target a broad age spectrum, which increases the total number of potential customers. However, each age range will have specific needs depending on the intensity of the hair loss they are facing.

Although the majority of men suffer from hair loss, female consumers should not be left out.

Medihair also states that more than 50% of women experience thinning hair after the age of 50. In addition, 40% of women suffering from alopecia have had problems in their marriages due to hair loss, and 63% claim to have problems related to their professional careers. So for them it is also key to address this problem.

2.- Find out which products and ingredients are the best sellers.

There are numerous alternatives on the market for consumers seeking to reverse hair loss. Among the most commonly used products for this purpose is anti-hair loss shampoo, which has been tested by 32.6%.

In addition, many of them also resort to products containing compounds such as panbiotin, which can strengthen the hair.

Therefore, a range of products such as that of Kativa Biotin should be an easy option to find on the shelves. It consists of a shampoo, a tonic and ampoules that stimulate hair growth and is suitable for people who suffer from continuous or seasonal hair loss.

3.- Focus your efforts in the countries where the incidence is highest

Although hair loss is a global problem, it is also true that there are countries and regions where there is a higher incidence of hair loss.

Returning to the Medihair study, it identifies the 3 countries with the highest rate of hair loss among males. These are:

  • Spain: 44.50%.
  • Italy: 44.37%.
  • France: 44.25%.

In addition, it is observed that 50% of the countries with the greatest hair loss problems belong to the western region.

4.- Work with brands that guarantee results.

As the market grows, so does the supply of products. This makes it necessary to be very accurate with the brands to work with.

They must offer the following sufficient guarantees for the consumer to be satisfied with the results. Otherwise, you will lose itThe hair loss is a problem to which they attach great importance and against which they are in a hurry to act.

Moreover, in addition to results, customers are looking for certain commitments from Hair Care brands, such as their commitment to natural and and innovative, environmental sustainability and respect for animals.

A mix of factors that are the key to success and to gaining more and more loyal customers. Don’t forget them!

5.- Inform your current and potential customers.

The Hair Society says that many people are unaware of the numerous treatments and services available to combat hair loss. To this, add the fact that 47% of people with hair loss would spend their life savings to restore a full head of hair.

Therefore, the task of informing becomes an obligation if you want to boost your sales. To achieve this, you can offer information about your products in your own store through a personalised attention.

You can also opt for digital pathways to publish them in your social networks, through a newsletter, a blog, with paid advertising on search engines, or even opt for targeted ads to customers who pass by the section where you have the anti-hair loss products thanks to Location Intelligence solutions.

Considering all these aspects, you will see how you will increase the loyalty of your customers and how this will be reflected in your business figures.

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