Kativa Brazilian Straightening, when innovation matches high profit margins.

Kativa Brazilian Straightening, when innovation matches high profit margins

Offering innovative products that are in high demand is key to ensuring that your stores are always full, with high turnover. If you are a distributor, having these products guarantees you to establish long-lasting relationships with those retailers specialized in cosmetics, who advocate being at the forefront of the latest trends. In this article, we explain why Kativa Brazilian Straighteningis your best ally to increase your profit margins.

As is well known, having silky, straight and well-groomed hair is the eternal struggle of many women around the world. Traditionally, those who have wanted to transform their hair have had to go to beauty salons, but these treatments were expensive and very damaging to the hair fiber, so it was not advisable to overuse them.

The laboratories of brands specializing in hair cosmetics have spent years researching how to solve this problem. However, our brand, Kativa, has been the first brand to develop a product so that users can carry out the Brazilian straightening treatment at home, with totally natural elements that are not harmful to the fiber or the scalp, which guarantees straight and perfect hair for three months.

Since its launch, Kativa’s Brazilian straightening, product has had a great acceptance in all the markets where it is present. In fact, its demand is booming, because it is the users themselves who act as brand ambassadors. Our Brazilian straightening has become an open secret that is shared among friends to be always perfect.

As proof of this boom in demand, today, it is one of the top sellers on several platforms, which is why retailers and distributors around the world demand it to build customer loyalty.

Below we tell you how you can use the distribution and sale of Kativa Brazilian Straightening, as a key factor to increase the revenue of your business, whether you are a distributor or retailer.

But is Kativa’s Brazilian Straightening really different from other straightening products?

As we mentioned before, there are different ways of straightening hair to make it last, from irreversible treatments, such as chemical or Japanese, to others that have a specific duration.

When it comes to offering Brazilian straightening products in your retail business, you will find a variety of products that will make you think a lot about which ones will be the most profitable.

Kativa was a pioneer in launching a line of Brazilian straightening products, where we also have different kits for each type of hair.

Our Brazilian straightening, assures you that there are no risks of any kind. It is a treatment that your clients can do at home that allows them to have smooth, soft and shiny hair for 12 weeks, without using formaldehyde or sulfates. .

It is based on the application of a formula with vegetable keratin, argan oil and other natural components, which penetrates the hair fiber and smoothes it from the inside. It also moisturizes and repairs the hair, protecting it from external aggressions, and is compatible with colored hair or any other previous straightening treatment.

For your clients, they will be able to see instant results with Kativa’s Brazilian straightening and show off smooth, soft, shiny hair with natural movement.

And you as a distributor or retailer will be able to have more than one product on your shelves (pre-during and post-straightening), which will become the favorites of your customers, which you can efficiently build customer loyalty,and increase your margins in this line of business that usually has a slower turnover.

Why distribute or sell Kativa Brazilian straightening?

Loyal customers who recommend Kativa to those around them

Hair transformation products, unlike more commonly used products, require a high degree of consumer confidence. After all, if something were to go wrong it could affect their appearance. Kativa has the advantage that it is the users themselves who advocate the brand, not only becoming loyal customers, but also recommending the use of our products to their core group.

This factor is a very important advantage for retailers and distributor, since having products such as Kativa’s Brazilian straightening ensures that you will have customers who always come back.


Improve your brand awareness

Having innovative cosmetic and Hair Care products from conscious brands will help you to associate your brand image with these values.

If you have products that, in addition to being in high demand, are perceived as innovative, as is the case with Kativa’s Brazilian straightening, you contribute to both your retailers – and your end customers – if you are a retailer – associating your brand with these values and perceiving you as the place to go to get products that are the latest and always give good results.

Product needs recurring application and encouraging cross-selling

One of the main advantages of offering Brazilian straightening products is that the hair transformation is temporary, so from the first sale, you are building customer loyalty, since you have to give them continuity.

Kativa is a driving force that will generate cross-sales, since once the customer buys the Brazilian straightening kit, he/she usually takes other complements such as oils, deep treatments or the post-smoothing treatments themselves, which guarantee to extend the effect for a longer time.

More turnover, higher average purchase ticket and brand ambassadors who will associate you with innovation, good results and will always want to come back.

Starbrands Group and our care for partners.

Strarbrands Group is an international company that is characterized by the care of its partners, whether distributors or retailers, offering high margins, personalized treatment, training and rewarding as well as exclusive distribution agreements among other benefits.

A business group whose main objective is to manufacture products and develop Hair Care brands that, with innovation and awareness, help everyone to overcome their daily challenges, showing the best version of themselves.

For all of the above, the Kativa’s Brazilian straightening products are a reference guide in the sector and are the best sellers worldwide, as they offer excellent value for money, ombine innovation with respect for nature and the environment, clear signs of identity of all Starbrands products.. If you think it’s time to include Kativa in your shelves and check the high rotation of its products and the increase of your profits, it’s time to get to know our partner program and its advantages. Shall we talk about it?


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