Kativa keratin treatments, the best kept secrets that position them as top in sales

Keratin is increasingly present in the minds of today’s Hair Care consumers and, therefore, it should also be present on your shelves or among your star products for distribution. The key is to find the brand that offers you everything you are looking for in a brand and even more. This brand is Kativa and we do not say it without reason. Here are the most relevant ones.

Keratin is a trend in sales, and these are the reasons that justify it


The global keratin market size is valued at about $1.2 billion and is projected to reach $2.03 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% until then (Strait Research data). This report also reveals that keratin is mainly used in the manufacture of personal care products, mainly for skin, nails and hair.

Among the main drivers of this trend is the rapid growth in end-consumer demand. This is where people’s increased awareness of the variety of hair care treatments that include keratin among their ingredients.

In this context, we must include the relevant change in consumer lifestyles, which has seen a gradual advance towards novel ingredients with few side effects and greater efficiency. They are also looking for more natural products at highly competitive prices. This also provides a boost to market growth through R&D investment. This has led to the introduction of new and sophisticated keratin-based personal care products.


What do consumers of Hair Care products with keratin looking  for?



From this market analysis, we can deduce the main demands that consumers have for keratin hair products. Starting with effectiveness, we are talking about products that guarantee premium results, whether for smoothing, nourishing, repairing or protecting. Products that can be obtained through innovation in their development and production. In addition, they should provide the same results regardless of the type of hair, the problems they have and the particularities of each ethnic group or race.

On the other hand, the Strait Research study also pointed out that some users think that keratin treatments can be difficult to apply correctly. As a result, ease of use is a quality they value highly, especially for products to be used at home. Of course, we must not forget other values that should accompany brands, such as their adherence to greener, animal-friendly practices and their contribution to personal development.


The secrets of Kativa’s keratin treatments that boost its sales


Including Kativa on the shelves of Hair Care retailers and in the strategy of distributors in the sector is a measure that guarantees results, increasing sales and profits. One of the strongest foundations supporting this claim is the quality of the results of its keratin products, among which are Brazilian straightening  treatments, shampoos, conditioners, masks, styling creams and keratin oil. Kativa’s range of keratin products offers a straight mane for a long time, reduce frizz, repair damaged hair, nourishing and moisturizing it thoroughly.

All of this is the result of a constant effort to improve through research and innovation, without forgetting other priorities of the modern consumer, such as care for the environment and animal welfare. Its effectiveness is clearly reflected in the growth of loyal customers, more than satisfied with the brand, so much so that they can become brand ambassadors, facilitating the achievement of new sales opportunities.

Results that can be enjoyed by people all over the world, regardless of their hair type. For example, for Brazilian straightening, there are different kits (Natural, Blonde, Brunette and XPress). All of them will appreciate the fact that Kativa’s keratin products are easy to use. They are intended for safe use at home by any type of person, including Brazilian straightening kits, a treatment that was classically performed in a salon.

Kativa’s keratin products have the advantage that many of them are for recurrent use, such as shampoo or conditioner. Therefore, if you build customer loyalty with them, you will have in your power a steady source of income, even if their profit margin is not very high. In addition, if your customers and target audience are really convinced of the benefits of keratin, they will want to buy more than one product formulated with keratin, increasing cross-selling revenues.

That is why it is advisable for retailers to launch communication and marketing campaigns to let their customers and target audience know the advantages of this ingredient in general, and of Kativa products in particular. With all these advantages, Kativa is the most sensible bet for retailers and distributors who want to continue to grow. And for them we have a partner program that will make it easier for you to sell more and better your products, with many exclusive benefits. Are you discovering it with us?


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