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Kativa Macadamia: the natural ingredient that will turn your customer’s sales experience around

By now everyone has heard of the macadamia nut. Long ago, this fruit was part of the aborigine’s diet in the Australian continent, where its origin is located. Nowadays, it’s an ingredient used for the manufacture of hair care products due to its many beneficial properties. In this blog, we tell you how this natural ingredient can improve your customers’ sales experience.

Macadamia, a market that keeps growing

The size of the macadamia nut market continues to grow. According to Mordor Intelligence, is expected to grow from 1.45 billion in 2023 to $2.43 billion by 2028, at a compound annual rate of 10.88% during that period.

The report notes that the main reasons for this trend are the food use and the numerous applications of this fruit in the cosmetics and personal care sector. the numerous applications of this fruit in the cosmetics and personal care sector. Something similar occurs with the coconut and its use in the Hair Care industry.

The rise of natural components in the Hair Care sector


macadamia hydration

In recent years, the words chemicals have gained truly negative meaning. For example, an article published in the paper The Plural points out the damage that certain products can have on the consumer’s health.

For instance, it’s being researched whether parabens are associated with the appearance of tumors because they function as hormone disruptors by mimicking the behavior of estrogens. And like this, there are many other examples that have been the driving force behind the rise of natural cosmetics. The Kativa products are 100% free of parabens, salt, sulfates, and gluten, and 91% natural ingredients.

That’s why, the era of natural ingredients and ‘clean beauty’ is here to stay. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the consumers look for environmentally friendly products, more simple formulas, and transparency and ethics of the Hair Care brands.

Delivering a positive selling experience is crucial

If there is one unquestionable philosophy for the retail business, which is that the customer is always right. In this sense, if we focus on what consumers are looking for in terms of sales experience, we will realise how important this factor is to improve the conversion rate.

This is confirmed by the CX Trends 2023 report, which states that more than half of consumers would switch to a competitor brand after having had a single negative experience with a company. Therefore, it only takes one negative interaction for us to lose the customer forever.

How to improve the sales experience?

Improving the retail experience is not just a matter of buying fast and easy. The stock management and the availability of customer service channels are some of the factors that can turn a user experience into a positive one, but there are many more. Here are some points to keep in mind to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Investing in the right products and brands

To provide the best consumer experience, it’s vital to offer products that not only meet customer needs but also exceed all expectations. exceed all expectations. In this regard, an extensive evaluation of hair product suppliers will help hair care products will help to make the right choice.

If suppliers of low-quality products are chosen, the consumer may be disappointed when using the products purchased. Therefore, while stock management is necessary to meet the customer’s demand, the quality of the products is key to maintaining a good reputation and total customer satisfaction.

The power of innovation

Innovation has a transformative power that has been evident in the cosmetics sector in recent years. Through investment in biotechnology and nanotechnology, consumers have safer and more effective personal care products.

In addition, these advances have had a strong impact on the way people take care of themselves, these advances have had a strong impact on the way people take care of themselves, allowing brands to customise products to suit the individual needs of the public.

This fact is closely linked to consumer expectations in the products they purchase and, therefore, in the overall sales experience.

The weight of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key strategy for aligning company and customer values. Consumers are looking for brands they can relate to. In this sense, the new generations expect their favorite brands to care about the same issues they do. Respect for the environment, support for the local economy, and natural products, are some of these issues.

Thus, a solid CSR strategy must reflect the company’s values and mission, along with the actions to put them into practice. This can shift the balance in retailers’ favor when it comes to a five-star retail experience.

Why Kativa Macadamia? 4 reasons to choose this product line

Kativa Macadamia is one of the top hair care products within the different product lines of the brand.. Made from organic Macadamia oil, this line is rich in Omega, Vitamin D, and oleic acids.

The combination of all these ingredients produces a deep hydration that gives the hair softness, shine, and elasticity. Therefore, one of the reasons to choose Kativa Macadamia is the facility to meet the expectations of customers who are looking for deep moisturising of their hair.

In this regard, innovation is another reason. This fact, together with the desire for sustainability and respect for the environment makes this product line perfect for aligning the values of retailers and its customers.

The third reason is that the product line consists of several items including a shampoo, a conditioner, a hair mask, and an oil solution. A range of items that can enhance the average ticket for retailers and distributors.

Last but not least, Kativa is a brand within the Starbrands group which offers an attractive partner program for retailers and distributors. A program that gives you access to exclusive distribution in your market and provides you with the necessary tools to offer the best customer service to your customers. Will you join it?


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