Kit Kativa Post Alisado

The best-selling Kativa post-straightening kits that should not be missing on your shelves.

The range of products that accompany the Kativa straightening-post-smoothing tandem has everything to hit the market’s key points and multiply retailers’ and distributors’ revenues. If you don’t know it yet, here we present it to you and give you plenty of reasons to include it in a prominent place in your Hair Care offer.

What consumers look for in post straightening products to make them best sellers


The post straightening treatments that have the most consumer support for Hair Care products offer consumers a number of common characteristics.

These hold the key to increased sales and profits for retailers and distributors.

On the one hand, we have the requirements that cut across all products and brands in the hair care sector. On the one hand, we have the cross-cutting requirements for all products and brands in the hair care sector:


  • The quality, effectiveness and durability of the results.
  • Specific solutions for each type of hair and its problems.
  • The presence of a majority of natural ingredients.
  • The absence of aggressive chemical compounds for the hair.
  • Manufactured under environmentally friendly practices.
  • That they are free of animal cruelty (cruelty free).
  • That their price is in accordance with the expected value on your part.
  • Ease of use, that they do not take too much time to apply.


If we focus on the consumer of straightening and post-smoothing products, we are talking about a market that includes all kinds of women, of all countries and ethnicities, who are looking to reduce frizz and facilitate styling.

These women, faced with the cost of salon straightening treatments and the fact that these are usually more aggressive on the hair, are increasingly opting to do it themselves at home. 

In addition, in the case of post straightening products, these are purchased by both women who opt for salon treatments and those who opt for DIY treatments, so their target audience is larger. 


Keratin as a trend also gives a clue about the growth of post straightening treatments.



Within post straightening products, keratin is the key ingredient. Its global market size was valued at $1.4 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% through 2030.

Increasing consumption of keratin-based cosmetic and hair care products is one of the most relevant factors driving the growth of this market. Among them, straightening and post straightening products.

Another important factor influencing the growth of the keratin market is the growing preference for products of natural origin by end users. This is partly justified by the growing disposable income of consumers, who, in addition, do not mind paying more for this quality.


Why Kativa’s post straightening products and kits are among the best sellers 


For all these reasons, we are in an ideal scenario to increase sales of post-smoothing products and increase the speed of rotation of these products on your shelves.

But to do so, you have to be especially careful when choosing the brands to market, and this is where Kativa is a safe bet.

An accurate decision in this regard will mean having an army of satisfied consumers linked to that brand who will be regular customers and will act as ambassadors of your establishment.

A very important consideration that reflects the sales potential of the right post-smoothing products is the fact that their consumption is recurrent, since consumers will seek to maximize the effect of smoothing treatments over time. In the case of using Kativa’s Brazilian straightening and post straightening kit, they can enjoy straight hair for 12 weeks.

On the other hand, having reliable post straightening products that are aligned with public preferences will create a domino effect that will boost the sales revenue of other related products.

The customer usually opts for products from the same brand for the entire straightening and post-smoothing process.
In the case of Kativa post straightening, we find a kit consisting of:

  • Shampoo: salt-free, enriched with keratin and arginine. Moisturizes and protects the hair strand, leaving hair shiny and soft.
  • Conditioner: rich in natural antioxidants, active ingredients that, combined with hydrolyzed keratin and arginine, deeply hydrate the hair, leaving it silky, manageable and supple.
  • Deep Treatment Mask: ideal for restructuring the hair and restoring all its strength and natural properties.
  • Serum: with vegetable keratin, argan oil and ActiLiss. Helps to prolong the straightening effect for longer while strengthening, softening and giving hair softness and shine.


Having them, which combine the qualities most in demand by the target audience, is a sure way to a more profitable business. To which we must add the advantages of joining the Starbrands partner program. We are talking about wide margins, expert advice, rewarding, exclusive distribution and much more.

Whether you, as a retailer or distributor, are determined to become part of our family, or if you have any questions, it will be a great pleasure to meet you and discover your goals and concerns. For our part, we’ll do everything we can to make you as successful as you want to be.


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