Kativa Total Plex Bond Reconstruction for damaged hair is an innovative product from Kativa to exceed your customer’s expectations

Consumers of Hair Care products are constantly looking for solutions to fix hair damage caused by both chemical and mechanical treatments, as well as from external agents. Kativa Total Plex has been developed to restore damaged hair, repairing the hair to bring back its vitality with results that will achieve a higher loyalty percentage for retailers and distributors, with all the benefits that come with it and much more. Would you like to find out how this technology works?

Kativa Total Plex is the answer to growing concerns about hair health

According to a report from Mordor Intelligence, the global hair care market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% by 2025. 

Among the main drivers of this trend is the increasing concern of consumers about the health of their hair and scalp. A fact that has encouraged the demand for specialised Hair Care products.

In addition, 82% of consumers consider hair to be an important element of their personal image. So, besides the purely health-related reasons, we must also consider personal growth and individual empowerment.

A combo that requires products that are able to restore the health and vitality of damaged hair in a very effective and easy way. This scenario is, therefore, ideal for the sale and distribution of Plex treatments, such as Kativa’s Total Plex range.


How do Total Plex treatments for damaged hair work and who are they targeted for?

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Total Plex treatments are a groundbreaking way to care for and restore hair that has been damaged by chemical processes, such as coloring, lightening, or straightening; heat processes, such as hair irons; or other processes.

These treatments work on the disulfide bonds, which are the chemical connections between the keratin proteins that make the hair structure. By reinforcing these bonds, the hair improves its resistance, flexibility, luminosity, and smoothness.

Although Plex technology was originally intended to combat hair strand breakage after hair coloring, it has been shown to be equally advantageous for deep hair repair.


What advantages does the Kativa Total Plex range bring to retailers and distributors?

They have been a global trend since their launch

The demand for hair repair and reconstruction products continues to increase due to some pressing factors such as stress, pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, and aging.

This is why Plex products are so successful and have been so well-received in the market. Therefore, there is no doubt that with Kativa Total Plex you will either have on your store or you will distribute one of the most demanded products of your target audience.

They have a broad target audience with growth prospects.

A very broad target, since Total Plex has been developed with all hair types in mind. Although it was originally developed for damaged, dry, or colored hair, it can also be used as a preventive treatment. Thus this treatment will be purchased by people who do not have these problems but want to avoid their appearance at all costs.

Furthermore, we must not overlook the effect that environmental pollution has on the hair, drying it out and making it more fragile and brittle.

An effect that worsens in cities, where, according to the World Bank, currently, 56% of the world’s population (4.4 billion inhabitants) live. It’s expected that by 2050 this percentage will grow to up to 70%. So the target audience will continue to grow.


They are a reliable source of recurring and cross-selling sales.

In order to ensure that the results always meet consumer expectations, Plex technology products must be used regularly on a regular basis. So, if you work with the right ones, such as those from Kativa, you will be assured of loyal customers who will come to your business again and again and who will recommend you to their closest circles and through other media, such as social networks or review websites.

In addition, Plex products can be used in conjunction with other Hair Care treatments. For example, they can be used after the application of dyes with the purpose of minimising any damage they may cause.

In these situations, it’s more likely that the user will opt for products of the same brand to complete their entire ritual. Therefore, if you offer Kativa’s Total Plex, the trend will be to purchase the complementary product also available from Kativa.


Ensures loyal customers through performance and brand values

Your customers’ loyalty will be directly impacted by the results of the Plex treatments you offer them. If they are not as effective as they expect, they will probably not come to you the second time round.

Therefore, you should play it safe, and provide one of the most reliable products currently in the market: Kativa Total Plex. By using it regularly, its consumers get the following benefits reduce split ends by 85% and hair breakage by 83%.

These results are in addition to the alignment of Kativa Total Plex with the principles that prevail in today’s consumer behavior. In other words, we are talking about products with a clear innovative, natural, environmentally friendly, and animal cruelty-free focus.


They offer a wide profit margin

A study carried out by Aitex (Textile Industry Research Association) entitled “Study of the current situation in the hair protection products sector” concluded that 67% of consumers are willing to pay more for hair products that meet their expectations of quality and efficacy.

In view of this reality, there is a valuable opportunity to achieve a higher profit margin with Kativa’s Total Plex which together with your recurring sales, provides a source of extra revenue stream.

In conclusion, Kativa’s Total Plex has come on strong in a market where consumers demand high-level quality and quick results for their damaged hair. A successful option for retailers and distributors to take advantage of their own industry.

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