Kativa’s hyaluronic Brazilian straightening, the innovative treatment that will enter the market with force to boost your sales.

In such a dynamic competitive scenario, Hair Care retailers and distributors must not stagnate, constantly betting on new products that meet the changing needs of the consumer. Today, one of these is Kativa’s hyaluronic straightening. Be among the first to discover how counting on it will catapult your profits.

How the hyaluronic acid market for personal care is growing


According to Future Market InsightsThe global market for hyaluronic acid personal care products will reach US $7.36 billion by 2033, up from US $3.26 billion in 2023. This means that the market will expand at a compound annual rate of 8.5%. This market study also identifies a number of trends worth assessing. The first is that major personal care brands are diversifying their portfolios to incorporate new products as demand for them increases innovative, clean and natural ingredients.

In addition, they are investing in a wide range of combined products to fully meet customers’ needs. On the other hand, the growth of the hyaluronic acid market is also driven by a increase in the demand for animal cruelty-free personal care products (cruelty free).

Companies are also collaborating with social media influencers to raise awareness of the benefits of hyaluronic acid, thus targeting these more conscious consumers.


Which countries have the greatest potential for the distribution and sale of hyaluronic acid products



Here we highlight The United Stateswhich dominated 45% of the North American market for hyaluronic acid personal care products in 2023, and is projected to continue to show high demand over the next few years. In Europe, the focus is particularly on the German market.with a quota of 30%. This is due to improvements in health, the well-being and confidence of peoplewho use hyaluronic acid products. In Asia-Pacific, China holds a 40% share of the Asia Pacific market and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 8.5%.


How Kativa’s hyaluronic Brazilian straightening is going to revolutionize your sales figures


Taking into account this market situation and combining it with the properties of Kativa hyaluronic acid straightening, we can detect the main factors that will make this product a must for retailers and Hair Care distributors. First of all, we are talking about a product that will not cannibalize to other straightening treatments of the same brand, as they are directed to different targets.

For its part, the keratin Brazilian straightening with keratin by Kativa is specially designed for curly or frizzy, thick and strong hair, as well as for people who are clearly looking for a straightening effect. Meanwhile, Brazilian straightening with hyaluronic acid does not have such an intense effect, reducing frizz and volume, relaxing the curl without losing it completely.

This means that you can present both on the shelves or distribute them to the same retailers without fear of suffering losses due to competition between them. However, when it comes to marketing them, it is very important to to undertake communication actions that make the differences clear among themselves, if possible with influencers or micro-influencers, and also by the employees themselves in the establishment.

If, finally, your clients opt for Kativa’s hyaluronic straightening, keep in mind that its effect will last about 3 to 4 months. Therefore, if your experience and results are satisfactory, you are going to enjoy a higher frequency of recurring sales thanks to it. But for this effect to last as long as possible, it is necessary to perform a ritual based on complementary products of post-straighteningas shampoo and conditioner. So sales of hyaluronic smoothing are often accompanied by these. Products that, in addition, must be consumed almost daily. A combination that average ticket and recurring cross-sales.

In addition, as a new product from Kativa,it will attract the attention of early adopters. According to this Corporate Finance Institute publicationThese represent 13.5% of consumers. It is a group that is willing to pay more for an innovative product than the average consumer, as well as having the ability to degenerate trends among the latter.

Last but not least, Kativa’s hyaluronic straightening meets the demands of the modern consumer, aligning itself with principles such as innovation and the use of natural and cruelty free ingredients.. Aspects that we have already seen are among the main drivers of the market.

As you can see, you have a golden opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by adopting Kativa hyaluronic straightening as soon as possible.. A product that guarantees more sales and more satisfied and loyal customers.

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