Strategies to capture the men’s beauty market with The Barberia products

Did you know that 44% of beauty consumersare men?(IPMARK data). Faced with this situation, retailers and distributors must react as quickly as possible to gain the trust of this new and valuable market niche. To do so, they will have to know in depth what characteristics define it and take action with proposals in line with them. Here are the most profitable ones, which go hand in hand with The Barberia products.

The men’s beauty market, unstoppable in growth


Men’s grooming is a booming sector that is estimated togrow at a rate of 9.1% per year until 2030.. This is due to the emerging demand for gender-specific products designed to meet men’s needs and preferences in terms of their appearance and well-being.

Male consumers are increasingly demanding and image-conscious, leading them to seek personalized and quality products, for which brands are investing more in research and development.

In addition,products based on natural ingredients are a growing trend, as they offer health and environmental benefits. Manufacturers have responded to this demand by launching new innovative and sustainable products.

Within the men’s personal care market, the skin care segment was the largest in 2021, with a 45.6% share. This segment is expected to continue to dominate the market during the forecast period, due to the growing use of products such as creams, cleansers, and facial serums.

The personal care segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment between 2023 and 2030, at a rate of 11%. This segment includes shaving products, which are widely used by teenagers and adults.

Facial hair is associated with increased confidence. In fact, most consumers say they feel more confident with their facial hair and take the time to maintain their desired beard.


Strategies to take advantage of the market opportunities derived from this situation.



We have just seen how the male beauty market is a dynamic and growing sector, driven by the demand for gender-specific, customized and natural products.. How can beauty retailers and distributors take advantage of this favorable wind to increase their profits?

The first step will be to give these products the place they deserve on the shelf, not leaving them in the background or in areas where they are barely visible. In the U.S., 26% of men already buy their personal care products themselves, rather than letting a partner or family member do it for them, so you’ll need to get their attention.

A very relevant aspect to consider is that men are settling their personal care routines.In fact, according to Kantar, he already captures 4 out of 10 occasions of weekly product use.

Therefore, we must banish the idea that men purchase products very occasionally and focus our efforts on doing everything possible to facilitate their recurring purchases in our store.

This requires having an efficient stock control, so that there are no problems of stock shortages that generate a bad shopping experience and stop them from being regular customers.

A study by ‘Men’s Health’states that men tend to use an average of 7 beauty products, although it also says that 21% incorporate more than nine products in their care ritual.

A reality that forces retailers and distributors to have a varied product portfolio for their male customers. No more thinking about the man who only uses deodorant and shaving cream.

What should these products be like? and what does the modern man expect from them? The same Men’s Health report shows that when it comes to purchasing them, 64% pay particular attention to the composition and 54% to whether they contain active ingredients. They are therefore, looking for products that deliver the expected results and meet their specific needs. In addition, 21% recognize the influence of a good advertising campaign and 18% value an optimal selling price and 11% value the brand.

Another fact to consider is that 52% spend between 11 minutes and half an hour on their personal care, while 29% extend their ritual somewhat longer. A figure that makes them prefer products whose use is simple and quick.

Of course, although we are talking about men’s beauty products, we should not isolate global trends in personal care, such as the use of natural and innovative ingredients and respect for the environment.

In addition, there is an opportunity to design cross-selling strategies in several dimensions.. On the one hand, complementary products for men can be sold together, and on the other, promotions combining products for men and women can be launched.


The Barberia, the best partner for success


All these opportunities are easier to take advantage of if you bet on trustworthy and prestigious brands, which provide results to their users from the very first moment. In other words: The Barberia.

The Barberia is the Starbrands brand that helps today’s man express a unique style.To do so, it offers retailers and distributors cleaning and styling products for skin, hair and beard formulated with natural ingredients, free of salts, parabens and other aggressive chemicals.

A wide and varied range of products that is ready to respond to any need of the modern mano,whatever it may be.

A guarantee of success for retailers and distributors who will see their sales and profitsincrease in an incipient market there is a tough fight for leadership positions.

So that you don’t get left behind in this race, Starbrands wants to give you an arsenal of valuable resources that you will get by becoming our partner.. Would you like to know them in detail? Talk directly with our professionals and you will have all the information you need to know.


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