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Sustainable Hair Care products: the key to building a relationship of trust and loyalty with your clients

Every day more consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they use and look for brands that share their values and are committed to caring for the planet and people’s welfare. Hair Care products are no exception, so retailers and distributors must choose which brands want to work with in order to keep customer loyalty. We tell you what benefits you will achieve with it and how Starbrands can help you.

Sustainable hair care products take into account the environmental and social impact of their entire life cycle, from sourcing ingredients to packaging, transportation, use, and recycling.

These products try to reduce their carbon footprint, minimising the consumption of water, energy, and natural resources, and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, both for the hair and the environment.

According to a study In the hair care sector, sustainability is one of the main trends, and it is expected to continue growing in the coming years. The study states that 43% of adults are willing to stop buying from companies that do not behave ethically and care about the planet.

The trend toward sustainable hair care products is driven by several factors among which are:

  • The increase of environmental awareness: society demands products that respect the planet and people, and that fit their values and lifestyle.
  • The development of technology and investment in innovation which make it possible to manufacture sustainable products with the same or higher quality and efficacy than conventional products, using natural, organic, biodegradable, or recycled ingredients.
  • The Regulation of certifications, which establish standards and criteria to guarantee the sustainability of products, and which help consumers identify and trust brands that meet these requirements. that meet these requirements.

Some of the aspects considered by consumers to choose sustainable hair care products are:

  • The origin and composition of the ingredients, which must be natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and without parabens, sulfates, silicones, or artificial coloring, among others.
  • Packaging design and materials must be recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable, of plant origin, with ecological labels, etc.
  • The manufacturing and distribution process, which must be respectful of the environment, reducing CO2 emissions, water and energy consumption, and waste generated, and which must support local development, fair trade, and social inclusion.


What are the benefits of offering sustainable Hair Care products to your clients?

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Differentiate yourself from your competitors

By providing sustainable hair care products, you can stand up as an innovative responsible, and ethical brand, that meets its customer needs and evolves with society.

This can help you attract the attention of new customers and build loyalty among existing ones, who will value your commitment and quality.


Build a relationship of trust and loyalty

You can create an emotional connexion with your customers, who will feel identified with your brand and your purpose.

Additionally, by being transparent about the ingredients, origin, process, and impact of your products, you can demonstrate your honesty and credibility, and earn their trust and loyalty.


Add extra value to your products

You will offer more value to your products, which not only take care of hair but also the planet and people. This can increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, who will perceive that your products have more benefits and that are worthwhile.


Contribute to a positive change

You can contribute to a positive change in the world, reducing your carbon footprint, supporting responsible consumption, and spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability.

This can impact positively on your image, reputation, and CSR.


Starbrands, a sustainable brand to build loyalty among your clients

So that retailers and distributors can fully enjoy these advantages, they must trust brands like Starbrands.

Proof of our commitment to sustainability is our constant innovation, not only in products but also in packaging and processes to reduce the carbon footprint to a minimum.

We understand sustainability in a broad sense, contributing to sustainable development from the individual to the community.

Values that our consumers know well and that make us one of the top brands in the hair care sector. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to know more about our distributor program to learn everything we can do to increase your customer base with our products


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