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The formula to achieve a higher conversion rate with Kativa hair masks

Hair masks are one of the top Hair Care products for any retailer and distributor in the industry. And they will be even more so in a global market that demands them non-stop. However consumers are looking for masks with certain qualities, which are the ones that will really increase the conversion rate, such as those from Kativa. Here we tell you the reasons that make us state this.

Self-care on the rise in 2023 and 2024

According to an article in the prestigious Marie Claire magazine, this year is full of beauty and personal care trends. In this regard, the self-care is the great commitment for consumers.

Seeking wellness is the key element in the consumer habits of a society that wants to feel good inside and out.

Within the self-care trend, hair is in the consumer spotlight. In addition to regular visits to the hairdresser or beauty salon, there is a new daily routine of hair care at home, which includes the use of hair masks.

However, not just any product is valid. The magic formula includes a blend of natural and effective ingredients and a cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable manufacturing process.


What is driving the growth of the hair mask market?

Kativa Hair Masks

Allied Market Research focuses on the millennial millennial generation who are very self-aware of their appearance and constantly seeking out ways to look better. This has led to a demand increase for multiple premium cosmetic products. A high demand that is also experiencing hair mask products.

Therefore, the demographic rise of this age group gives the opportunity for the global hair mask market to grow significantly.

On the other hand, due to the increase level of awareness about the harmful effects of cosmetic products with harsh chemicals, customers are gradually shifting their preference for hair masks made with natural ingredients natural ingredients.

Imarc Group highlights that due to rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, the levels of pollution levels are increasing worldwide. This means that even more people need to counteract the effects of the pollution particles in their hair.

Grand View Research also focuses on other aspects, such as excessive use of flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. All of them are responsible for causing damage to the hair strand that needs to be repaired with a routine that includes hair masks.

In addition, the same study also indicates that the single-mask application segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.9% through 2025. the individual hair mask application segment is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% through 2025. In other words, more people are choosing to use hair mask products at home, rather than at the salon.


The Kativa hair mask formula that consumers are looking for

If earlier we talked about the growing trend of hair care and the use of hair masks, as well as the specific characteristics demanded by consumers, we now explain how Kativa products meet each of these requirements.

Kativa hair masks are carefully elaborated following a series of differential values, which are:

  • Formulas with 91% natural ingredients.
  • Products with the international certification of the Vegan Society.
  • Cruelty free: ingredients and formulas that are not tested on animals.
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, salts and gluten.respecting the hair fiber to the core.
  • Products formalin-free that do not generate toxic vapors.
  • Manufactured using sustainable practicesminimising the carbon footprint.
  • Packaged under the principles of eco-design.

A perfect combo of ingredients and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that makes it one of the most valued alternatives for women and men worldwide.


These are the Kativa hair masks that are top trending sales

In the hair care sector, offering variety and keeping up with the latest hairdressing trends are imperative for conversion rates to soar.

According to an article in the Spanish paper El Español the trend known as ‘Happy beauty’ or wellness beauty is gaining weight this season, closely linked to the concept of self-care.

As noted by Cosmopolitan magazine colour returns: mocha caramel, yellow blonde, cappuccino blonde or pumpkin cream are some of the newest ones. Color treatments to get a different look and require careful care to avoid dry and frizzy hair.

In regard to this, Kativa offers a wide variety of hair masks with natural ingredients that ensure total consumer acceptance. A wide selection to meet every hair care need and every hair type.

  • Coconut: made with natural organic coconut oil, it’s ideal for moisturising and reconstructing the hair fibre, restoring a healthy and shiny appearance to the hair.
  • Keratin: this keratin and ceramide cream is especially for dry hair and hair damaged by chemical processes.
  • Argan oil: composed of argan, flax, sesame and keratin to restore hair elasticity and firmness.
  • Vitamin E: with vitamin E, biotin complex and bamboo for healthy hair. 100% vegan formula.
  • Collagen: with marine collagen and nutrients, prevents premature aging and deterioration of hair.
  • Quinoa: high concentration of hydrolyzed quinoa to protect hair color and provide strength, shine, and softness.
  • Keep curl frizz off: made with kiwi and almond extracts, it’s the right choice to not get behind with the ‘curly’ method.
  • Macadamia: elaborated to treat dry and dehydrated scalp. Based on macadamia oil, it provides softness and elasticity to the hair.
  • Oil control: treatment with clay and a citrus blend based on lemon, orange, and mandarin that repairs excess oil in the hair and eliminates impurities from the scalp.


The value of offering full treatments that include hair masks to boost sales

When we talk about hair masks, we are talking about daily hair care routines. But why? To achieve visible improvements in our hair, a complete treatment will be necessary.

These treatments are usually composed of several products including: pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, conditioner and post-shampoo mask. This fact multiplies cross-selling options as they are products that, although can be purchased individually, make more sense if bought together.

One of Kativa’s top products is the post-straightening kit. A complete routine treatment to enhance the results of the brazilian straightening and prolong its effect. It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, the post straightening kit is the perfect product to improve cross-selling and conversion opportunities. and conversion.

Thus, offering the full range of hair products means investing in a better user experience and client satisfaction for those who want to revitalise their hair and join the growing trend of hair self-care.


Choose Kativa, the brand that has it all

In this article we have went through the trends in hair care that explain the growth in sales of hair care products sales growth of hair masks. A set of needs and consumer habits find their best ally in one of the Hair Care leading brands: Kativa.

As part of the Starbrands Group the Kativa brand Kativa brand meets the needs of the consumer – and therefore of distributors and retailers – as well as the new emerging behavioral habits in the hair care sector.

For all these reasons, Starbrands has a partner program that allows retailers y distributors access to all the tools they need to grow, including exclusive including exclusive distribution in your market and professional support from experts with over 25 years of experience in the sector.

If you would like to speak directly with a professional expert, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for no-obligation advice.


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