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The secret to enhancing the experience of users seeking hair color correction

Hair color correction is the action of fixing a failed attempt at hair coloring. The purpose of these treatments is to restore the desired health and tone to the hair after a chemical process that has damaged it. Therefore, color corrections are linked to the trend of coloring hair, as sometimes, the procedures that are used damage the fiber and dry out the hair.

In this blog we are going to review the weight of the dye industry, a market that is expected to reach $49 billion by 2029, according to data from Statista. In addition, we’ll break down the opportunities for retailers and distributors, as well as the keys to enhancing the experience for users seeking hair color correction.

Color fashion and population aging: two key factors in the dyeing industry

The size of theglobal hair dye market hair dyes was valued at US$23.15 billion in 2021 and is forecast to in 2021 and is forecast to register a CAGR of 5.7% between 2022 and 2028. 5.7% between 2022 and 2028. Between the main factors, we find the increasing popularity of hair dyes and the population aging.

In this regard, the boom in hair coloring and dyeing in the world is boosted by another fundamental fact: the advances in the hair care sector. hair care sector. Innovations that allow us to better understand the hair structure and develop new ingredients to maintain health and improve the appearance of the hair.

Techniques such as nanotechnology or biotechnology that focus on searching for formulas based on natural ingredients natural ingredients. For instance, by reducing the ingredients to a nanometer scale, their ability to penetrate the hair and scalp is improved, maximising their benefits.

In conclusion, a set of factors that has generated a global trend in hair coloring. Color fashions that change annually, or even between seasons within a single year.

In addition, more damaging techniques such as lightening or darkening of the hair, which, in some cases, leads to the need for hair color corrections, in some cases, leads to the need for hair color corrections.

Opportunities for retailers and distributors arising from hair color correction

Color correction

A change usually comes hand in hand with an opportunity. From constant hair coloring trends, as well as color correction, it arises the need for daily hair care and maintenance.

Nowadays, we find a wide variety of variety of different types of dyesThese are divided into permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary. These are differentiated by the technique applied, discoloration or oxidation, and have a certain duration. We can also find dyes made with natural or synthetic ingredients, which are much more harmful to the hair.

According to the magazine Medical News TodayThe habit of dyeing the hair can make it look weak and damaged. Therefore, choosing the right products is important to prevent the consumer from having scalp problems.. At the same time, there are a multitude of treatments to stimulate the hair so it regains its natural shine. And this is why retailers must be ready.

Keys to improving the experience of users seeking color correction

The following recommendations should be taken into account when enhancing the experience of the consumer whose hair is damaged.

  • Offers high quality productswith innovative formulas and effects that penetrate to the root.
  • Look for formulas that rely on natural ingredients that are not harmful to the health of your hair.
  • Forget about sulfates and parabens. Consumers are looking for simple formulasand organic ingredients.
  • Pamper the consumer with daily hair care daily hair care. Product lines that include shampoo, conditioner, mask, and oil are ideal.
  • Become a partner of one of the best brands in the cosmetics and hair care sector, such as the Starbrands Starbrands group.

A product that undoubtedly offers all of the above recommendations is Kativa’s color therapy color therapy treatment by Kativa. Made with special violet and blue pigments, it helps color correction by neutralising unwanted yellow and orange tones. In addition, its formula with natural ingredients restores shine to hair and acts as a detoxifier to go beyond customer expectations.


Starbrands Group, is the ideal group to offer a unique experience to consumers.

Strarbrands Group, a group of cosmetic and personal care brands, offers retailers and distributors all of the above for a fully satisfied consumer.

In addition, we offer a partner program that is known for high-profit margins, personalised treatment, training and rewarding high-profit margins, personalised treatment, training, and rewards as well as exclusive distribution agreements, among other benefits. among other benefits.

A business group whose main objective is to manufacture products and develop Hair Care brands that, through innovation and a set of values aligned with the consumer mindset, help everyone overcome their daily challenges, showing the best version of themselves.

For all of the above, we offer products that are a benchmark in the sector and best sellers worldwide, as they provide excellent value for money, innovation, and respect for nature, clear signs of identity of all Starbrands products.

If you think it’s time to include Kativa on your shelves and check the high rotation of its products and the increase in your profits, don’t hesitate to request more info aboutour partner program and its advantages. Shall we talk?


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