The skinimalist trend: the flourishing of Do-It-Yourself treatments and hare care at home

Among the trends that will shape the future of the hair care sector, the so-called, skinimalist trend or skinimalism is one of the most popular. Therefore, we want to share the main keys of this concept and how retailers and distributors can get the most out of it, anticipating their competitors.

Hair care is one of the most important and dynamic sectors of the beauty market. However, consumer habits and tastes have changed rapidly in the latest years and trends are constantly keeping up to them.

One of the most known currently is the sknimilalist trend, which consists of simplifying beauty routines, looking for more natural, effective, and sustainable hair treatments.

This trend is based on reducing to just a few essential products necessary to have perfect skin and hair depending on your needs, instead of applying them excessively.

According to Euromonitor, for 2025 skinimalism will be one of the main drivers of the skin care market, which will reach $181 billion in sales. A trend that will mirror hair care.

But, what are the benefits of this trend for retailers and distributors of the Hair Care sector? How can they take advantage of this opportunity to offer innovative and attractive hair solutions to their customers?


Benefits of skinimalism for retailers and distributors in the Hair Care sector


Greater demand for high quality and effective products

Skinimalist consumers are looking for products that meet their specific hair care needs and provide visible and long-lasting results, allowing them to save time and money.

Thus, retailers and distributors should offer products that guarantee professional resultsand are adapted to all types of hair while having a good value for money.


Increasing environmental and social awareness

On the other hand, consumers are also concerned about the local and environmental impact of the products they use so look for alternatives that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, or use natural and organic ingredients.

In addition, they care about transparency, the ethics and values of brands and suppliers, and pay attention to quality certifications and reviews.

Therefore, retailers and distributors must offer products that meet these criteria, including the respect for the environment and human rights, and communicate clearly their values and commitments.


Better diversity and personalisation

On top of this, it should be mentioned that people want to feel good about themselves, so they reject stereotypes and beauty canons imposed by society.

Consumers want products that empower their identity, diversity, and personality, and help them express themselves and feel comfortable with the way they look.

Therefore, retailers and distributors must offer products that fall into the tastes and expectations of each customer, allowing them to create their own style and offer them a unique and personalized experience.


How to adapt to this trend and make the most of it

To achieve it, retailers and distributors should consider the following aspects:

  • Know your buyer persona It’s key to understand the needs, tastes, habits, and motivations of Skinimalist consumers, as well as their purchasing criteria and channels. To do this, you can do surveys, focus groups, interviews, or use tools such as data analysis or mystery shopping.
  • Innovation and differentiation It’s essential to offer products that stand out from the competitors, provide value to the customer, and address market trends. To achieve it, investing in innovation to come up with new ingredients, formulas, packaging, colors, or product benefits.
  • It’s important to communicate effectively the attributes and advantages of products, as well as the brand values and commitments. You can use online and offline channels, social networks, influencers, opinion leaders, advertising campaigns, or direct marketing actions.
  • Besides, you should build loyalty by offering quality service, personalized customer support, a satisfaction guarantee, a returns policy, a points or discount program, or a user community.

In-house treatments to attract the skinimalist consumer

It should be noted that skinimalism is interlinked with another trend that is among the most popular in the Hair Care sector, which is the “in-house” treatments.

And this is because simplifying beauty routines means doing them at home, instead of travelling to the hair salon.

Therefore, retailers and distributors should invest in DIY products easy-to-use, and with the same professional results that a customer can get in the hair salon.

To conclude, skinimalism is a trend that is here to stay in the hair care market, and that offers a great opportunity for retailers and distributors in the Hair Care sector.

To take advantage of it, it’s important to adapt to the needs, preferences, and expectations of consumers who follow this trend, offering them quality, effective, sustainable, and a wide range of personalised products. Or in short, Starbrands products.

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