Why does Starbrands ensure you meet your product delivery deadlines?

Today, a decisive characteristic of consumers in general, and of the Hair Care consumer in particular, is that they demand immediacy. In fact, if they can’t find what they are looking for in the store or home delivery is slow, you will most likely lose them as a customer. To avoid this, you should rely on the support of trusted brands, such as Starbrands. Want to know why? We tell you about it.

Why meeting deadlines should be a priority for your business

As a retailer or distributor of hair cosmetics products, you know that the success of your business depends to a large extent on the satisfaction of your customers. And to achieve that satisfaction, you not only have to offer them quality products and innovation but also fast and efficient service.

Ensuring product shelf presence and on-time delivery is essential to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Building customer trust and loyalty, as well as preventing situations such as shortages and to prevent situations such as shortages, returns, complaints, and lost sales.

In addition, this contributes to optimising your inventory management, reducing operating costs and increase your profitability, increase your profitability.

Running out of stock can cause customer dissatisfaction, as customers need their products now, not next week.

Retaining a loyal customer base is easier than attracting new ones, so keeping insufficient inventory can slow growth or even reduce business by driving away valuable customers. 

In the retail environment, the worst-case scenario is losing a sale, but holding insufficient inventory can have even more damaging consequences. In the case of beauty retailers, it is very common for consumers to purchase ranges of products that make up a complete beauty ritual, which is why they are also losing out on cross-selling opportunities.

Stock-outs can also lead to internal problems internal problems in your organisation. For instance, sales and customer service personnel suffer the consequences when customers express dissatisfaction due to stock shortages and must search for answers.

Sales teams, whose rewards depend on performance, can see their morale eroded if the company has a consistent reputation for lack of product that hinders important sales.

The challenges for online commerce

Starbrands Partner Program

In this area, according to a study study by the consulting firm McKinsey, 70% of consumers consider on-time delivery to be a delivery timeliness is a crucial factor when choosing an online retailer and 25% are willing to pay more for fast delivery.

In addition, the study indicates that 50% of consumers give up an online purchase if delivery will take more than a week and 40% do so if there is no estimated delivery date.

Why Starbrands assure you to have your products available without interruptions and meet your delivery deadlines?

At Starbrands, we are aware of this need and that’s why we work every day to offer you the best brands and the best service.

That is why we not only care about developing and manufacturing the best products for today’s conscious consumer, but also about getting them to you in the shortest possible time and with the maximum guarantees. How do we achieve this?

We have a highly qualified and committed team who are in charge of managing each order with efficiency and professionalism. Our team is made up of experts in logistics, international trade, customer service, and marketing, who will advise you and resolve any doubts you may have throughout the process.

We have modern facilities equipped with the latest technology, which allow us to optimise the production, storage, and distribution of our products.

We offer a unique partner program, which offers you constant support, training, and resources. If you are a leading cosmetics distributor or retailer, you can join our partner program and enjoy all the benefits it offers: special conditions, commercial support, promotional material, online training, etc.

Would you like to be part of it? Ask us for more information and take a new step towards growth and the top of your market. Contact us!


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