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Why Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo is a key product to stand out in a highly competitive market

There is no doubt that there is a pulse in the hair care market to achieve leadership of vegan products. For retailers and distributors, the key lays on providing vegan products that guarantee professional results and brand values aligned with customers preferences and concerns. That means Happy Anne, the Starbrand brand focused on making the most of what nature offers and apply it to hair formulas for the best results.

Vegan products for hair, an incresing customer need and a market opportunity

Vegan cosmetics are a growing trend that is attracting more and more consumers who are aware of the benefits it provides for both health and the environment.

Within this sector, hair care is one of the most popular, as many consumers look for natural and cruelty-free alternatives to conventional formulas with chemicals or animal-tested products.

The vegan cosmetics market will be worth $16.8674 million in 2023 and is expected to evolve to a6.1% compound annual growth rate from 2023 to 2033. So, by then, it will be worth 30,493 million dollars (according to Future Market Insights).

Within this, shampoos niche represents 15,8% of total (from Grand View Research), which means that there is a great business opportunity for brands that know how to offer high quality products, innovative and different to others in the market.

Consumers are increasingly looking for items that address their values, implementing the adoption of vegan alternatives. The work of influencers and people campaigning for vegan and cruelty-free products have also fueled an upward trend.

Innovation in vegan cosmetics is also driving market expansion. Companies are investing in research and development to develop high-quality plant-based chemicals as efficient as their animal origin counterparts. This widen the product range to be offered.

According to Allied Market Research, North America dominated the vegan cosmetics market, with a compound annual rate of 4.6%, due to the higher percentage of the population that prefers to use this type of products.


Find out what makes the Happy Anne vegan shampoo so special

Vegan hair products

Happy Anne Vegan shampoo it’s a hair care product that respects nature and animal welfare. It’s made with vegan ingredients, such as coconut oil or argan oil, that clean, hydrate, nourish and protect hair without damaging or drying it out.

Besides, it does not contain salt, parabens, or gluten, which makes it perfect for all types of hair, even the more damaged ones.

Additionally, it has the cruelty-free landmark which certifies that it has not been tested on animals nor does it contain any animal origin ingredient. Last but not least, it has an eco-design packaging, wich contributes to reduce the carbon footprint.


What advantages does Happy Anne vegan shampoo have over other shampoos on the market?

Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo has many advantages that make it stand out from other shampoos on the market. Benefits that will boost your profits and build loyalty to a high portion of the market These are some of them:

  • It’s a product that offer visible results from its very first use. Hair is left clean, soft, shiny and with a fresh and natural aroma.
  • it’s a product that respects the environment and the living creatures within it, as it follows the vegan cosmetic principles and it’s aligned with aware and concerned consumers with the planet.
  • It’s an innovative product which incorporates new and beneficial ingredients for the hair, which strengthen and repair the hair fiber.
  • It is a differentiated product that has an attractive, fun and original image, which transmits joy and optimism. Happy Anne has a unique brand equityand value proposition.


How can you take advantage of the potential of Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo to boost your business?

If you want seize the benefits of Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Offer Happy Anne vegan shampoo in your store by giving it a top front place, and don’t forget to highlight its unique benefits at the storefront of your store, product catalogue and website.
  • Create a digital marketing strategy to help you promote Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo among your target audience, using social networks, email marketing, blogging or podcast, among other channels.
  • Buils trust and loyalty among your customers, offering free samples, discounts, sweepstakes or points programs, and asking for their opinion and testimonial about the product.
  • Work with influencers, bloggers or YouTubers who share the values of vegan cosmetics and who have an audience related to your market niche, so that they can try and recommend Happy Anne’s vegan shampoo to their followers.

Achieving all this is easier and more agile if you have the support and support of Starbrands through our partner programme. Find out more if you want to stand out in your market.


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