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Why Kativa hair straightener is the product retailers and hair product distributors need to differentiate themselves

The hair cosmetics market is becoming increasingly competitive and demanding, and consumers are looking for products that offer effective, natural, and environmentally friendly solutions. In this context, Kativa Straightening is presented as an innovative and differentiating product, which offers retailers and distributors of hair care products a unique opportunity to meet the demands of their customers and build customer loyalty.

The importance and benefits of differentiation in the Hair Care industry

Differentiation is a key strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the Hair Care sector, which involves a high brand rivalry, product homogenisation, and consumer particular needs.

By differentiating themselves, companies can create a distinctive identity, generate value, increase loyalty, and reduce the ever-changing demand.

Differentiation can be based on a variety of aspects, such as quality, design, functionality, innovation, sustainability, or customer service. These aspects can influence the perception and preferences of consumers who look for products that suit their needs, tastes, and values.

Some of the advantages of differentiation in the Hair Care sector are:

  • It allows you to bring the attention of consumers and stand out from the many available options.
  • It facilitates higher prices that impact the perceived value of the product and increase the profit margin. Differentiation can be a key factor when it comes to reducing price sensitivity by a significant proportion.
  • Reinforces the brand image and reputation which generates trust and credibility in consumers.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, who identify with the product and recommend it to others.
  • Creates barriers for potential competitors, who will find it difficult to enter or surpass a rather differentiated product.


The qualities that make Kativa Straightening the key product for differentiation in the marketplace


Kativa Straeightening

No harsh chemical ingredients

One of the main advantages of straightening Kativa is that it is a product without components that can cause irritation, allergy, and damage to hair and health.

For example, no formaldehyde is used a common ingredient in many straightening products to modify the structure of the hair. By not altering that structure, but sealing it with keratin Kativa straightening achieves a natural and long-lasting straight effect, without any risks or contraindications.

Another advantage of Kativa Straightening is the fact that it’s a product salt and sulfate-free, which otherwise would dry and weaken the hair. Therefore, Kativa Straightening is a moisturising and nourishing product.

Natural and cruelty-free ingredients

Another advantage of Kativa smoothing is that it is a product made with ingredients of natural origin and cruelty-free. Both increasingly widespread trends among consumers, who are looking for products that respect animal welfare and align with their ethical values.

In addition, we are talking about a quality interlinked to the previous one, which is that natural ingredients are the perfect alternative to other synthetics that can cause significant damage to the hair and scalp itself.

Product easy to use at home

It’s an easy product to use at home, which only requires a few simple steps, as well as a short waiting time.

Many straightening products require the intervention of a hairdresser to get a professional result. This is an extra cost and a waste of time for consumers, who have to travel and wait for the treatment to take effect.

In addition, the product comes with a complete kit that includes everything customers need for its application: gloves, brush, comb, pre-treatment shampoo, Brazilian straightening product intensive conditioner, and post-shampoo post straightening shampoo.

Long-lasting effect

Another advantage of Kativa straightening is that it’s a long-lasting product, which keeps the straightening effect for up to 12 weeks. Many straightening products have a much more limited lasting effect.

This forces consumers to repeat the treatment frequently or stop straightening their hair. In addition, some straightening products can deteriorate the quality of the hair over time, causing dryness, breakage, or loss of color.


What are the advantages for retailers and distributors who opt for Kativa Straightening?

All these qualities that are the core of Kativa straightening are what make more retailers and Hair Care distributors enjoy a series of key advantages to position themselves in their markets. Among them, we highlight:

  • Loyal customers, who act as brand advocates. You will have customers who will ensure you recurring purchases, a higher product rotation, and who will recommend you to their family and friends. A key aspect given the fact that hair transformation products require a high degree of consumer confidence.
  • Improve brand image: through the use of innovative, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free products, it aligns its principles as closely as possible with those of the target audience.
  • These are products that require recurrent applications and favor cross-selling. Although Kativa’s hair straightener lasts longer than other options on the market, it’s also true that once this time has passed, it will be necessary to use it again. In addition, the customer usually purchases other complementary products to extend the straightening effect.

With all these benefits, Kativa’s Straightening is one of the most profitable options for retailers and distributors based on differentiation. To get the most out of them, the easiest way to get the maximum benefit and profitability is to join our customise partner program.

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