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Why offer the best scalp care shampoo with the Starbrands products range?

A scalp in poor condition is one of the most common concerns among the target audience of Hair Care retailers and distributors. Some consumers have very specific needs that must be met so as not to lose them as customers. We tell you how to meet them with Starbrands products.

The market demands safe and effective scalp care shampoos

According to Grand View Research, dry and itchy scalp is a major concern of Hair Care product consumers.

This same study shows that around 30 million women in the US are spending more money on hair and scalp care shampoos (data from the American Academy of Dermatology).

The availability of innovative products, highly effective and safe for the scalp has led to a significant increase in purchases of these products, which also boosted the market growth.


The main scalp problems that your clients need to fix


The scalp provides the nutrients and hydration that hair needs to remain healthy and look good. However, its natural balance is frequently affected by lifestyle habits, environmental conditions, or the use of inappropriate or aggressive products.

This means that more consumers are looking for specific products to restore scalp health and nutrient balance:

  • Dandruff: It is excessive flaking off of the scalp, which can cause itching, irritation, and a dirty appearance of the hair.
  • Dry scalp: It is the lack of hydration and lubrication of the skin, which can cause tightness, itching, and peeling.
  • Sensitive scalp: It is an overreaction of the skin to external stimuli, such as stress, weather, chemicals, or allergies.


Life Stage Hair Care, the trend that makes Starbrands the best option for clients with scalp problems

In this whole situation, the trend of “Life Stage Hair Care” has emerged rapidly, which is based on the hair and scalp have different needs depending on the age and life cycle of each person. Therefore, each phase of this will require certain specific products and treatments.

This a trend that retailers and distributors should not ignore, since a good part of consumers is willing to pay more for personalised products.

If they are offered the right range of products, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales will increase, while also improving brand image and reputation.

No doubt that Starbrands has shown a rapid response to change while keeping an innovative culture, that allows us to develop and trade with personalised products for all ages and needs.

All of it respecting the environment and the planet values that every consumer looks for when it comes to choosing a hair care brand

To all these advantages for the final consumer, we must add those that you can enjoy if you become a partner of Starbrands. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, you will have exclusive resources and benefits at hand to reach your target audience like never before and build their loyalty.

Finally, we do not want you to miss any of the trends that will guide the Hair Care market in the immediate future. This way, you will be able to anticipate and stand out from your competitors which can be decisive for your business.

You will only have to download this free ebook titled “Hair Care Guide: Six upcoming trends that will shape the future of the haircare industry”. Click here and download it now! Get your guide.


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