Why Plex hair treatments are one of the trends to keep an eye on in 2024

If you take a look at the main trends in Hair Care in 2024, you will see that treatments aimed at hair repair are very present. And among them, we must highlight those known as Plex. Read on and we’ll tell you why this happens and how you can get the most out of this situation with Kativa Total Plex.

What are Plex treatments?

Plex products are intended toprotect and recover damaged hair that has been damaged by chemical processes, such as dyeing, bleaching or straightening; thermal, such as blow dryers or curling irons; or mechanical.

Although they were initially developed to take care of the hair after dyeing and prevent breakage, the results came to demonstrate their value when it comes to restoring hair in a general way, hence in part why it is one of the main trends in Hair Care today.

To achieve this, these products strengthen the hair’s disulfide bridges, which are nothing more than the chemical bonds that are responsible for binding the keratin molecules of the hair strand. With this, they make the hair more resistant, restoring its health and the best possible appearance.

They are in high demand in all kinds of markets

In a world where stress is the dominant trend, eating habits can be greatly improved and pollution in cities increases, hair suffers significantly, deteriorating and becoming more fragile.

This makes Plex treatments in high demandin the market, as it is a potentially valuable product for every hair type in any environment.. Even if consumers does not have damaged hair, they can apply it preventively to avoid problems in the near future.

Therefore, we are talking about products with a huge target audience, which makes their sales potential skyrocket and that cannot be missing from the shelves of the leading retailers in any market..

Innovation as an attractive factor

If there is one quality that catches the attention of Hair Care consumers, it is innovation in product development. An innovation that is linked to results and to offering personalized solutions to each person’s hair problems.

Undoubtedly, Plex treatments, such as Kativa’s, can boast of it. In fact, it takes advantage of the latest advances in nanotechnology to penetrate the hair more effectively and repair it. All thanks to Nano Bond technology, the result of the work of our advanced research and development team.

Anefectivenessthat is proven with results such as:

  • Reduces breakage by 83%.
  • Reduces split ends by 85%.
  • Increases brightness by 70%.
  • Improves smoothness by 81%.

Kativa Total Plex, the treatment that cannot be missing in your portfolio to build customer loyalty

Kativa Total Plex is made up of two products that are applied together, giving shape to a ritual that will restore vitality and shine to the hair.

The first one is theBond Reconstruction Builder, with nanoparticles that penetrate the cortex of the hair and bind to the broken keratin bonds, restoring the hair from within.

The second one is the Reconstructor & Protector Leave-In Sealantwhich closes the hair cuticle, retaining the Reconstructive Concentrate inside and making it more effective. In addition to all this, hydrates, moisturises, and gives shine and softness.

As an added value, we are talking about a treatment made mainly with natural ingredients, which do not damage the hair and is respectful with the environment while complies withcruelty-free principles.. A combination of factors that make it highly appreciated by today’s conscious, and engaged consumers.

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