HAPPY ANNE, the purity and freshness of nature in hair care

The best of nature
in your hair to make shine on its own

the purity and freshness of nature in hair care

The best of nature
to make your hair shine on its own

Happy Anne, the vegan brand for hair transformation committed to sustainabality and caring the planet

Happy Anne offers young and active women a easy-to-use and wide portfolio,
with treatments that meet the different hair types and their particular needs.

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Best selling products

Offer nature with Happy Anne fresh range of products

#SUPERSTRAIGTHENING , Shampoo and conditioner

The treatment Straight and Shine is made to keep the hair straight for a longer time and provide extra softness thanks to its ExtraLiss technology with vegetable oils.

To use after the Super Straightening of Happy Anne, or for natural straight hair.

BLUE PLEX, anti-yellow effect

Offers a solution for unwanted yellowish tones in the hair caused by color oxidation. Happy Anne range with Blue Plex technology soften them to maintain the original tone for longer. Ideal for platinum blonde hair, natural gray, or dyed white.

COCONUT, Super builder

Coconut and Macadamia are used for hair reconstruction and hydration. The Happy Anne Coconut range is made for dry hair to restore the soft hair we all dream. Make your hair detangled, soft, hydrated, shiny and with a unique aroma is possible.


Top International Retailers who collaborate with our brands



A brand fully committed to environment preservation and with a 360º vision of sustainability.

Clean Beauty

With 95% natural ingredients, and respecting animal welfare by not being tested on animals.


We minimise our environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future.


Our Partner Programme

Our Distributor Programme is a unique partnership that offers total support, training, and resources to bring more benefits to your company and help you make the most out of your market.

If you are a leading Distributor in the cosmetics sector or Retailer, discover all the advantages offered by our Distributor Program.


Global recognition in Hair Care and growth potential in the category for its market.


Global recognition and growth potential in your market.


R&D is in our DNA, constantly developing new brands to exceed our customers' expectations.

R&D in our DNA

R&D&i is in our DNA, constantly developing new projects to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Leading Brands

Leading brands with pioneering products worldwide, such as our Brazilian straightening products.

Leading brands

Leading brands with pioneering products worldwide, such as our straightening products.

Rewarding system

Distributor programme focused on helping you expand our brands with a rewards system.

Rewarding System

Partnership programme focused on helping you expand our brands with a rewarding system.

Do you know our
hare care brands portfolio

Here is the complete Starbrands portfolio.
Each one designed to guarantee results and deliver real value to our consumers.

A brand that specialises in transforming and caring for hair. Its professional formulas, inspired by salon treatments, combine scientific innovation and natural ingredients to ensure high performance while caring for people's health and the impact on the environment. Kativa is a pioneer and leader in DIY hair straightening treatments, which makes it present in more than 64 countries around the world.
A brand created for professionals, with the aim of offering colouring, hair transformation and home maintenance products that maximise the results of salon treatments. BMT has effective and safe formulas that incorporate cutting-edge technology with the latest trends to deliver extraordinary results that enhance a woman's beauty.
A brand specialising in DIY hair colouring. It offers a wide range of shades, with 100% vegan formulas featuring 5 organic oils, COLOR HOLD technology and cruelty free and vegan friendly certifications. A true hair colour experience that offers 100% coverage, total care and vibrant colour.
The Barberia is the exclusive brand that accompanies the modern man to express a unique style. It offers grooming and styling products formulated with natural ingredients, free of salts, parabens and other harsh chemicals; specially created to meet men's needs.
DISCOVER barberia

Committed to
beauty around the world

We are a company dedicated to the development of products for hair care and transformation with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. We are passionate about constant innovation based on our pillars of improving the well-being of our consumers while caring for the environment. Our brands meet the specific needs of our customers thanks to cutting-edge technology and high-quality in all our products. We are part of the multicultural consumer’s hair care routine in more than 60 countries.

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